Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Whole 30... Week 1 recap

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you know I decided to do a Whole 30 starting January 30. I needed a reset and a chance to get my bearings when it comes to food. I'd tried several times to get back on strict low carb, high fat, but the cheats were killing me. I just couldn't get back into the same groove I was in last year. Why?

Because I'm a food addict. A compulsive overeater. A binger. A sugar junkie. And those old habits reared their ugly head BIG TIME over the holidays. Besides overwhelming grief and depression, I was also dealing with some other major issues at home. So unfortunately, I turned back to food. Resulting in re-gaining 15 lbs.


So, I decided that a Whole 30 would be a way to get back to whole, unprocessed food with NO CHEATS. Yes, it allows fruit and sweet potatoes, which are not keto or allowed on LCHF. But Whole 30 also eliminates dairy and promotes good fats for satiety. 

I'm THOROUGHLY enjoying fruits and sweet potatoes, to be honest. So much so that the thought of staying Paleo afterward is going through my mind. I mean, giving up cheese and dairy hasn't really been that hard. We will see when it gets closer to the end of February. But right now, the plan is to go back to Keto/LCHF and to phase out the carbs during the last week of the Whole 30.

The following is a journal of my food for week 1. The pic of the boiled eggs is just one I took of ALL the eggs for the week.. I only ate 1-2 per day on the days that picture is shown. I've been doing great at meal prep, too.

I DID make the decision to include my vegan Shakeology during this Whole 30 because it's very minimally processed and all the ingredients are compliant. I need my Shakeology for the pre and probiotics, and also for my hair. Even when I miss a few days, I can tell the difference in my body.