Sunday, October 16, 2016

Staying the course...

Good Sunday morning!

I wanted to share what's been going on in my world, but this is way too long for a social media post!

Two weeks ago I made the decision to deviate from my low carb, high fat way of eating. I had just completed my Diet Bet challenge group and was about to start my 21-Day Fix Challenge, and after researching and reading up on the eating plan that goes with this program, I decided to do it with my challenge group. The plan is based on clean eating and portion control for 21 days. The reason that I wanted to change up was just impatience and frustration at the scale.

You see, my September challengers ROCKED it. They all lost 12-20 lbs and while SUPER excited about their progress, I was a little envious! I "only" lost 4 lbs (but I did lost almost 10 inches). So, I thought, hey... I'll do the plan they are doing and see if that helps!

I had listened to a few podcasts about metobolic resistance and how your body adjusts to whatever you're doing to lose weight, and sometimes you need to switch up to start seeing progress again. Makes sense, right? So I thought it wouldn't hurt to try a clean eating/paleo-ish approach for a few weeks to see if that would help.

Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

I've been on a downhill slide for two weeks.

The first few days weren't so bad. I only added sweet potato to my diet and it was delish. I've missed sweet potato! But by the weekend, the cravings were back. Even with my Shakeology (which usually helps with cravings for me...). I also noticed that my constipation was back (again, even with my Shakeology that has made me very regular). I noticed that I would have little cheats here and there, because why not? I don't have to be THAT strict anymore, right? The decrease in dietary fat made me feel unsatisfied so I was constantly hungry... something I forgot all about. With low carb, high fat I'm NEVER hungry and always satisfied.

So let's add STRESS to this past week and OMG... my eating has been terrible. My refrigerator went out on Monday and all of my prepped meals for the week went bad. All week, we haven't had a working fridge and only had coolers full of ice as sort of a bandaid for the problem. Dealing with the property management company and no way to feed my family of five except for eating out... STRESS. I noticed that I was melting down and crying over stupid stuff (like my 10-year old being her usual bratty self) mid-week and KNEW something was off! I don't even take my happy pills anymore since being LCHF... so why am I suddenly an emotional wreck?

Because my diet is allllll off. My body isn't used to this food anymore. I felt so out of control... mentally and physically.

By Thursday, the joint pain started again. My foot pain flared up and I've been limping ever since. I'm not sleeping well, either, which probably explains a lot of the emotional feelings.

So, I'm cutting this little "experiment" short. I'm back on plan starting TODAY. I went to the grocery last night and got my staples... bacon, eggs, avocado, butter, cream cheese. I already had a delicious breakfast and I've planned my meals for the next day or so (since the refrigerator situation still hasn't been resolved, I can't plan out too far). I plan on storing my food in my fridge at work until I know mine is fixed.

Bottom line... my metabolism is damaged. I've been on a diet for 30+ years and have wrecked my body. I am also dealing with food addiction. What works for everyone else just doesn't work for me anymore. Ketogenic and LCHF doesn't just help with weight loss, it's a way of eating that helps me mentally and physically as well. My body thrives with healthy fat and minimal carbs. With the addition of Shakeology, I've felt sooooo good and have lost a lot of inches. SO screw the scale. I will get back into ketosis and just stay the course. At this point, I would rather FEEL good than see the numbers move. (and because someone will ask, YES, I am able to keep my carbs under 25g with the Shakeology. It's only 13g net carbs -I drink vegan chocolate- and by monitoring my blood sugar while on it the first week I know that those carbs do NOT cause me to spike. Email me if you have more questions about Shakeology.)

Lesson learned.

I'm glad this happened, though. Now I know. I have to do what's best for ME.

I will always advocate clean eating and portion control to anyone who hasn't tried it. Just eat real food, ya'll! Cut out the crappy processed food and added sugar. Don't be afraid of good fat. Eliminate as much dairy as you can. Start there!

But if that doesn't work after at least 90 days of trying WITH NO CHEATS, keto or LCHF might be for you.


  1. It's strange how what we eat can impact us not only physically, but also emotionally. Wishing you well.

  2. Good for you for listening to your body and going back to what works for you! Slow is the best way to lose (proven fact that the slower you lose it the better the odds of keeping it off!!).

    I do however how you realized and listened to your body as it very seriously told you that what you were doing was NOT what it wanted!!!!

  3. I can totally relate. I took a hiatus from tracking and adding back in some sweet potatoes and bread. A very bad mistake. My digestive tract has been in havoc! I am back on the LCHF diet myself and hopefully will get back into losing mode.

    I think losing 10 inches is a major win!! Good for you for listening to your body and I know about the cravings coming back from too many carbs too.


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