Monday, August 29, 2016

The Moderation LIE

This morning I saw a post on Instagram that ruffled my feathers a bit. It was posted by someone I've followed for a while, who has recently switched from low-carb to IIFYM. I see this sort of thing A LOT, so I usually just keep following to see if they eventually come back to low carb. If their food posts get out of hand, I'll usually unfollow unless I really like them.

Let me just say... I base who I follow on Instagram on their posts, not if I like them or not. I can perfectly like someone and think they are a cool person and choose to unfollow them based on what they post. Instagram is too visual to follow someone who doesn't post what I'm there to see!

Anyhoo... the post went like this...

"Indulging is not the end of the world. Vegetables are good for your health but pizza is good for the soul. You are never a bad person for what you chose to eat. I want you to read this over and over again. Food does not define you."

Ok... I was ready to look over that part about pizza being good for your soul. I really was. Because the end of the post is right... food does not define you.

But then in her commentary she went on to say things like having "balance" and that life is not about "deprivation".

Ummmm. Let me step up on my soap box.

It pisses me off when people assume that eliminating sugar and processed food from my diet is "deprivation". It pisses me off even more when people with very large followings preach that people should eat what they want in 'moderation".


Kudos to YOU if you are able to have a few slices of pizza on the weekend and it doesn't send you into a full out binge. It's GREAT if you can have an ice cream cone that doesn't trigger cravings and uncontrollable cravings.

But there are people... people like ME... that don't have that luxury.

Not everyone is able to handle moderation. Because that one cheat can be so destructive. One cheat can undo weeks and months of hard work. One slice of pizza can trigger a binge that lasts for weeks. An ice cream cone could spike someones blood sugar and cause an insulin response that could make them sick for days.

I wish people would just stop it. STOP assuming that diet and weight loss and the journey we are all on is the same. And STOP giving people permission to dig their grave with a knife and fork.

Food addiction is real, ya'll. WE DO NOT GET A PASS when it comes to eating food that is not on our food template. We. Can't. Have. It. And just because someone on Instagram with 62,000+ followers says its ok doesn't make it OK!

If you are sick with diabetes or fighting a food addiction, MODERATION IS A LIE. It will make you sick and eventually kill you! Because moderation doesn't exist for us. Our brains aren't wired that way! I'm sad to break it to you, but you will have to deal with food and restrict certain foods for the rest of your life. It is what it is.

Drug addicts don't do drugs in moderation. Alcoholics don't drink booze in moderation. Food addicts can't eat pizza (or anything with sugar and refined carbs) in moderation.

And don't even get me started with the word "deprivation". Let me make this clear:


Just because I can't eat certain foods doesn't mean I'm deprived and I'm going to sit in a corner and cry over all the delicious foods I can't have.

Child, please. I eat WELL. I eat delicious foods all the time - hot wings, juicy burgers, BACON, butter on everything... you name it! I just CHOOSE foods that are good for my body and that don't put me in a food coma or a sugar high. I don't feel left out. I feel empowered for making the right choice! I mean, what exactly am I deprived of?

High blood pressure?
An extra 50-100 lbs?
Joint and back pain?
Increased quality of life?

Exactly. Seems like I have WAY more to gain than I have to lose by making the right choice and doing what's best for ME.

My whole point is... Don't feed into the lie of "moderation". If you suffer from weight-induced health problems or food addiction, don't buy into that crap. What you are gaining from a healthy lifestyle outweighs what you are giving up for the temporary pleasure you get from food.

The people you follow on social media (myself included) are not experts. Do your own research. Go with your gut (literally) and find what's best for YOU. Don't let someone else's weekend shenanigans give you an excuse to fall away from your plan because it convinces you that you're depriving yourself. Because you're not. You're choosing LIFE. And that's what most important.

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  1. YEAH! I hear this whole moderation thing a lot, and the "balanced diet" that includes white flour and sugar products. I ate that way for decades, and all it did was wreck my metabolism. Thanks, Hollie.

  2. Excellent post!!!!! I have had to unfollow people and totally ignore comments on my blog because they preach that THEIR way is the right, best and only way! Not so. We are all totally unique in how our bodies minds and spirits walk along this weight loss journey!!! I always want to say give your thoughts as an idea or thought...don't berate me because I'm doing it differently than you!!!!!

  3. Fantastic post! I needed to read this today!!


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