Saturday, July 30, 2016

Jumping off a Cliff...

Just warning you... this post may be long. I've been procrastinating on writing this for a while. But it's time.

I want to share something that makes me scared. Because it opens me up to judgment. To ridicule. To cyber eye-rolling (and I know I get this from the GOMI trolls). 

I feel a little vulnerable. But my friend Tara tells me all the time that vulnerability is courage and brings connections. So here I am. Ready to jump off a cliff.

I am ready to make my passion my career.

I think everyone reading this blog today, or that follows me on social media, knows what my passion is. What sets my soul on fire.

I love helping people. I am passionate about weight loss and the many ways to achieve it. I am relentless in learning about how food can affect your body. I love spreading my new-found knowledge about diet and how to overcome obesity and food addiction. I get so much out of watching people transform as a result of hard work and discipline.

I have admitted to myself and those close to me in the past few weeks that this is it. This is what I want to do for the rest of my life. The feeling of helping someone reach their weight loss and health goals fills my soul in a way that is indescribable.

Over the last seven months, I am finding my place in my own weight loss journey. After almost EIGHT YEARS of blogging about my struggles, I feel like I have found success that is lasting. Permanent. Born of hard work and dedication instead of a quick fix diet. I have found a lifestyle that is just that... a LIFESTYLE. A way of eating that I don't have to deviate from for holidays or special occasions. A food template that will allow me to continue to heal internally, and that will most likely give me an even better quality of life as time goes on.

And there's nothing more I'd rather do that share this with those around me. And I have been.

For months now, I have been coaching friends and helping them "go keto". Through texts, phone calls, emails, and direct messages through social media, I have helped them with their eating plan, grocery lists, and even talked them out of cheats and situations that might hinder their success. And I've watched them lose weight! And claim non-scale victories as well! Smaller clothes, the ability to do things active with their children. 

And I love it. Helping others keeps me focused and accountable to my own journey. It makes me want to learn more about not only the ketogenic diet, but other ways of eating that are healthy and sustainable long term. Because let's face it... keto isn't for everyone. But there are other plans out there that can help people achieve their goals. I feel a need to know MORE. To do MORE.

But lately, I've had to face the fact that although helping others on their diet and weight loss journeys is something I truly enjoy doing, it's very TIME consuming. And it's also very emotional at times! Sometimes I invest a lot of time in people I've grown to care about and really want to help, but they aren't ready to really invest 100% in themselves. And that can be frustrating.

One evening after dinner, Clyde gave me a nudge. Well, it wasn't really a nudge. It was a push. He told me that since I spend so much time trying to help other people with their weight loss goals and healthy lifestyles, I really needed to make a business of it. Let my passion turn into a stream of income. At least, then, I could justify the TIME that I was investing.

To be honest, his suggestion, at first, PISSED ME OFF. How dare he suggest I do such a thing? Turn my passion into a... business? I couldn't do that. I don't have time, first of all. And who would want me, a weight loss FAILURE, to help them and actually PAY ME to do so?

But the seed was planted. And I begin to think of possibilities. I mean, I was already investing the TIME. I was already seeking the KNOWLEDGE. And I already have the heart of SERVICE. I sincerely want to help people.

One morning a week or so ago as I was driving into work, every idea that I'd ever had relating to making a business out of my passion came flooding into my brain. Because even though I was afraid to admit it, I had many times thought about "what if" I ever reach my goal weight and I could do "this or "that". So I pulled over and wrote everything down. All of those ideas that I'd squished all the way down. My secret dreams and wishes. That I would have never uttered out loud to anyone.

Because FEAR held me back. Fear of failure. Fear of being laughed at. Fear of someone telling me, "how can your fat ass help someone else lose weight?".

Fear that this time... THIS year... I might actually meet my own goals.

And then what?

You know, the story in our heads can REALLY mess us up sometimes. Even if everyone around you that loves and believes in you shows you something is totally possible, if you don't believe it that vision will never come to fruition.

But it was at that point that I KNEW. Just KNEW.

It's time. I can do this.

I will not let my fear of failure keep me from moving forward. I will not let vulnerability and self-doubt keep me from pursuing my passion and possibly turning it into a chance at entrepreneurship. I believe in myself. And I know I am capable of helping, teaching, and serving others. So why not allow myself to earn a secondary stream of income around my passion?

So what now?

Honestly, I don't know all the details. This is all in the development stages. But like everything else on my journey, I feel the need for 100% transparency before I move forward. I've been so scared. Terrified of saying these things "out loud" or putting it all out for the interwebs to see. It makes it real. It makes me feel vulnerable. So this is me, jumping off a cliff. Putting it all out here.

So now it's done! I am formally introducing TransformingYOU. 

I would actually love feedback about what YOU want from me? How can I best serve YOU? What tools and services would best allow me to help you transform?

I have been asked several times for a food plan, so I am in the beginning stages of developing that right now. I will test it out on myself starting August 1. This food plan will be ketogenic and just a guideline to get you started. I didn't realize how overwhelmed some people feel when trying to learn about this lifestyle. So while you are learning, this food plan should get you started until you're able to feel comfortable enough to do it for yourself.

I am also thinking about developing an easy, go-to recipe guide. I share SO many recipes. Yes, they are all available online. But I know some would prefer to have them in an easily accessible format. Sometimes I even get tired of hunting through posts and screenshots to find what I want! Maybe this will help someone.

I will begin to offer coaching. And it will not be one size fits all. Some need accountability and encouragement that a Facebook group can provide. Some need more personal interaction via texts and messaging. And some need a person that will walk them through the entire process. I am working with a friend right now that has no idea where to start. Who has type 2 diabetes, and so does her husband. This sweet friend knows that she and her husband need help for themselves and their two children immediately because it's life and death.

And I'm going to help her. Because I believe this is what I'm called to do. As someone commented on an Instagram post yesterday, "...this is where God wants (me) to be."

My journey... can help people. It has already helped and it WILL continue to help people. I might only have a small platform, but from now on I will use it to not only continue to save myself, but to also help transform others..Transform YOU. We can all succeed. We can all lead healthy lives. Together, we can do it.

I have also decided to invest in another way of earning income while helping others. I am officially (as of today) a Beachbody coach. I have been doing PiYo for almost two weeks, and have also subscribed to Beachbody on Demand (you can stream many of their workouts instead of buying all the DVDs). I HAVE to make a bigger effort to include fitness in my journey, and I will achieve this goal with at-home workouts. Signing up as a coach for the discount alone just makes sense. There are a few more programs I really want.

I will do another post soon on exactly HOW I came to this decision (it's basically another one of those things I've been too scared to do). But after watching so many people that I follow on social media post about their experience at Summit this year (Beachbody's annual conference), I am soooooo excited about the opportunity. I believe this business fits into my goals and plans perfectly. It's another way I can help people. Beachbody has been a market leader in fitness for a LONG time. It's not something I have to SELL (because we all know I suck as a sales person) so don't automatically assume I'm going to turn into a spammer or a pushy salesperson. I'm just going to ask that if you are interested in a Beachbody product, you please buy it from me!

I want to end this post by thanking everyone who has stood beside me on this journey. I have made so many real life friends through my blog and through social media. For every negative person or comment I've received through my blog or social media, I've received 10-20 positive, uplifting, or encouraging ones. I am grateful for the support this community has to offer.

I know this is what I'm meant to do. I am a coach. I am a friend. I am a support system and someone who can mentor and encourage people who are on the same journey I am on.

Together, we will continue to do great things. I am excited about the future!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Vlog #1... Transparency about cheating

Check out my very first vlog. Maybe vlogging will be a new outlet for me. I have so much to say sometimes and not enough time to write!