Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!

Today is such a bittersweet day for me... The first Easter without my mom. Every year, we go to Missouri to spend this holiday with my sister and her family and my mom. 

No matter what my diet is like, Easter is a food-filled holiday. My family COOKS. And we bake. Because desserts are an essential part of who we are. 

And honestly, for me, those desserts fed the emotional void I always felt when around my mom during her sickness. I would often have good intentions, holidays with my family always ended with a food coma and weight gain.

This Easter will be very different. First of all, we are in Florida now. So traveling to MO isn't really realistic. My older kids are staying in TN, so it's just me and Clyde and the kids. We don't go to church. So it's sort of like any other Sunday.

I decided yesterday I will make dinner, but I always do on Sunday. But it will be a little more special and I will make dessert for the first time since Christmas. I got really good deals on a ham and turkey breast yesterday so I will make that for dinner and have leftovers for meal prep this week. Sides will include bacon wrapped asparagus, cabbage, and mac and cheese for the mister and kids. I will make a low carb cheesecake for dessert and I will have a piece. 

Our family traditions have changed so much lately, and I know they will continue to change over the coming years. And it's ok. Change is good. 

For anyone who isn't following me on Facecook or Instagram, I'm still following the Ketogenic way of life and it's still great! I'm still losing weigh, although for the last month it's been slow. And I'm ok with that. My exercise has been almost non existent but my food choices are good! Still no cheats at all for over 2 months now. 

And no matter what emotions happen, or how sad I get about my mom, today will be no different. 

Happy Easter! 


  1. You are amazing! Your strength, that comes from your beautiful Mother, shines through everything you do! Hugs xoxo


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