Monday, February 15, 2016

2/15 Weigh-in

Over 4 lbs this week! I was feeling sort of bummed because I only got 3 workouts this week, but I still did well. My back is feeling better this morning, but my congestion is worse. 

I also wanted to see how much weight I've lost since starting Keto and compared it to how much I lost before Keto.

It took me a month to lose 13.4 lbs just doing lower carbs (which is great!). But only 2 weeks into full Keto and I'm down 9.8 lbs. I am very happy with that.

My new scale shall arrive today or tomorrow. And I also plan on starting a weights routine this week. So the scale will probably become a less reliable method of tracking progress for a little bit. That's ok. I plan on taking some more progress pics and measurements. 


  1. Thank you for taking some time to write this post. The Military Diet limits the number of daily calories you take in and this greatly affects people that have a “sweet tooth” as processed sugar and sweeteners are not an option with this diet.


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