Sunday, January 17, 2016

About the scale...

In our Facebook support group this week, one member suggested a 30-day scale fast after many were disappointed in small losses after weigh in on Monday. Although I absolutely agree that the scale is just a tool in this journey, and that any loss should be celebrated, and that it's a good idea to focus on non-scale victories, I do think that FOR ME, it is a necessity right now. I declined to participate in the scale fast. 

When we moved to Florida in June, I donated all three of my digital scales to Goodwill. I was in a good place in life. I had lost a good amount of weight on my Advocare 24-day challenge and felt like I needed freedom from that number. I was ready to just live and I was ready to let my clothes be the indicator of my weight loss.

Ummm... That really didn't happen. Several months later when I decided to purchase another scale, I had GAINED a good 30 lbs. and it was honestly a shock. I mean, I knew I had gained. Just not that damned much! 

Yes, the scale makes me crazy. Sometimes. But it is a tool. And I need it. 

This week has been awesome as far as being compliant and focused on this journey. I'm doing another 24-day challenge and this week has been a cleanse week. I have logged my food, met my water goal, and been within my calories DAILY! And, I went to the gym on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday AND Saturday. What????!!!

I've made a few poor choices (like some corn tortilla chips out of the bag yesterday) but no sweets and no binge eating and no cheats. I'm proud of myself! 

But when I got on the scale this morning, I've pretty much lost NO WEIGHT. Maybe a pound since Monday... But that was coming off a terrible eating weekend!

So what does that mean? Well, one could use it as an excuse to binge all day. Or one could even get discouraged and quit.

But I am choosing to just re-evaluate and plan my next week accordingly. I know I am doing so many things RIGHT (tracking, water and exercise are HUGE for me). But my carbs are still pretty high on most days and I know my body doesn't love carbs. I also need to be drinking at least one green smoothie a day to get some veggies in and I'm not. 

So, there are still some changes that need to be made. And I know this because my scale pretty much told me so. At 300+ lbs, if I were doing everything right I should be losing at least 2-3 lbs of fat a week (not water). If I'm not, then I either need to give it more time or tweak something. 

This week, I will do both. 

And I will still be happy about this past week because I finally feel successful. And right now, that feeling is amazing.


  1. I'm almost three years into maintenance, and I'm still a daily weigher. It can be a great tool, as long as it's used correctly!

  2. Protein is key. You can eat carbs, but you want to make sure you're getting in enough lean protein. Protein, protein, protein!!!! It will help with cravings, keep your appetite in check, promotes muscle recovery after working out. Protein is key!!!

  3. I am in a similar place, trying to get back on track, but not having a lot of success in the beginning. I will keep trying though!

  4. Adjust and keep moving forward!!!!!!! You can do this!

    For me the scale is usually an awesome tool. USUALLY! :-)

  5. I'm with you! I need the sales to keep me accountable. When I first moved away from home, I had no scales and my first holiday home i had put on 20 kilos! So, it is a daily check for me now


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