Sunday, October 4, 2015

What a week...

This week has been hard, but also very eye opening as well.

Work-wise... It was one of the most difficult weeks of my career. My class changed from a 2/3 grade blend to a 1/2 grade blend. I lost 3 students and GAINED 6 students with no transition time, no collaboration with new or old teachers, no planning. It was hell. For me, and for my students.

But it is what it is. I've learned and keep learning that no one on my job level gives a FUCK. It's the most negative environment I've ever worked in. 

I've cried a lot. I'm so overwhelmed and frustrated. 

But I know why I am having this experience. It's to help me mentally get to the next level. 

I am destined for so much more. 

So, my coping strategy is to hang on to EVERYTHING positive. Which is a lot! My life is pretty great right now despite my job. 

And through reading/listening to A New Earth this week, I've (re)discovered that my reaction to the 'wrongs' at work have a lot to do with my ego anyway. 

Working from home and being my own boss is what I am working for.

I got my Mary Kay box this week!

I planned to dig into it yesterday but I didn't have time. I started my morning with Clyde at a breast cancer awareness event that his company sponsored.

We were looking pretty good in our pink! 

After that I went to the library with the kids, grocery shopped, and cleaned this apartment because it was super triflin'.

But now that it's clean I plan on making a special place in my room to set up by business. And I need to place my first order to get started. A few people have tried to be negative about Mary Kay this week because they say I'm not 'aggressive' enough to do it. Whatever. 

I'm also going to think more about doing the business end of Advocare, too. I started using my supplements again this week and could tell a HUGE difference. I really do love the products, and the company is solid. One more source of income couldn't hurt. 

I got this book from the library yesterday...

I don't know why real estate keeps calling my name since I've moved to Florida. But I'm hoping to learn more. Who knows!

I'll check in later with a recap of last weeks goals and some for next week!