Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Day 14 - I'm 39 :)

Well, God has blessed me with another year! I'm super thankful to celebrate a birthday at such an exciting time in my life. Yesterday I was pretty much kicked out of my house all day so my landlords could show my house for rent. I'm technically leaving a month before my lease is up, so if they rent it before July 1 I save that rent. And they did... So it was worth it!

I made good food choices all day. And I skipped cake altogether which was HUGE for me. I've NEVER EVER had a birthday with no cake or sweets. I had this instead...

Major victory. 

I also made it to the gym today for the first time since starting the challenge. Better late than never, right?

I did a little meal prep today... Some siracha bbq chicken breasts, protein balls, and cut up a watermelon. Eating clean and making good choices is getting easier by the day. I feel my habits changing for the better.

I passed on cake for my birthday for God's sake!

My goal is to stay focused so I CAN enjoy delicious cake for graduation this Saturday. My friend, Allison, makes cakes that are truly worth it? So I will indulge then. But I'm ok with it because I've planned for a month. It's not done on an impulse. 

Lifestyle change, right?


  1. Happy Birthday! Congrats on avoiding cake, too - that's a big win!

  2. That's wonderful! Those strawberries look so good! I had amazing peaches this week, and I can't get enough watermelon!

  3. Happy Birthday! I was going to say the other day when you said you had such a great weight loss without working out...SOMETHING about going to the gym. But you are right! Better late than never! You are killing it!

  4. I'm rooting for you, I hope you get to where you want to be. Those strawberries look delicious.

  5. You are totally awesome. I have never been able to skip cake on anyone's birthday, let alone my own. You are an inspiration, and I love reading your blog! Thank you for the support you provide, and late happy birthday!

  6. Hey, happybirthday for a few days ago!

    I used to always have trouble getting to the gym. I guess that's why I love running so much - you can do it anywhere (that and bodyweight exercises). The strawberries looked yummy. Kicked out on your birthday sucks though.

    Hope you have a good year :D

  7. Happy birthday, and hopefully you have great success with your weight loss goals this year!

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  8. Hey Hollie! We are almost exactly the same age...I turned 39 May 28. Geminis rule, and the big 4-0 looming is going to really motivate me. That gym selfie looks great; your face is slimming down quick on the new plan. Good vibes coming your way; I've always appreciated the fact that you've had ups and downs and never stop.

  9. Wow I love your dedication :)
    I find that when I start a new habit it usually takes about
    three weeks to really get it on autopilot.

    Good luck

  10. Good luck on your weight loss journey! I have just made a post on my weight loss/fitness journey if you want to take a look :)

    Millie Bee Fashion and Fitness

  11. Many happy returns for your successful weight losing journey.


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