Friday, March 6, 2015

Catching up...

Hey, ya'll! I'm sad to admit that I've neglected my poor blog again. The past month or so has been full of ups and downs.

With my life, and of course, my weight.

My weight is still up. This morning I weighed in at 289.2. But I am four days off carbs, so hopefully I will keep going down.

I kind of hit a rock bottom (again) and had to make the decision to drastically cut carbs (again).

My food addiction has been spiraling out of control for some time now. And I've had to face the facts (again) that I can't handle moderation. I can't have sugar if I'm going to get well. Again.

But I have learned that I don't need to starve. I'm still at 1800-2000 calories and happy right there. 

I just can't have the sugar.

I have made some really big LIFE decisions and being fat and unhealthy are not options right now. I want to feel good in my skin again. I need to be successful again.

I desperately want to reach my goal weight... whatever that is.

Today is day 5 and all my meals are planned out for the day (follow me on MyFitnessPal if you're not already).

I'm moving forward. One day at a time.


  1. Have you tried the natural Garcinia Cambogia and green coffee beans product? It blocks fat reproduction by inhibiting the release of glucose, while reducing cravings and decrease your appetite.It also stimulates your metabolism and accelerates weight loss.

  2. Glad to see you back, Hollie. I believe that no sugar is the only thing that works for us addicts. Stay strong.

  3. Holly, be encouraged. I know exactly how you feel. I started my journey to be fit and healthy on 1/1/2014. It was a roller coaster. In March, I fell and sprained and fractured my thumb (the sprain was worse than the fracture). I was up and down and so discouraged. It took some trial and error and a whole lot of getting back on the train to finally get the hang of the process. I am now within five pounds of the CDC's max. recommended weight for my height. I recently started my own blog: and I have found it to be helpful to just write it out. You are doing it right...just don't give up. It's a process!!! Great post! Be encouraged!

  4. Great to hear from you. Have been wondering how you are doing. Glad you are continuing to work on issues. It seems never ending!

  5. Oh, I am so with you!! Especially this time of year when it's cold and yucky and there's nothing to do outside. But you can do it! Hey, blogging about it helps...I am on the same journey! At least you are doing something. You'll get there. We got this!!


  6. In relation to weight loss, I recently read one book entitled Keys to Massive Breakthrough by James Robor. Though I was only able to read first two chapters which I got for free online (it says launching is on April 23 so full book will be available for just $1) and it discussed different breakthroughs like finances, emotional, and a lot about health and weightloss. Worth checking if you have time, hope this helps. :)

  7. I think that instead of constantly modifying diet perhaps one area to really look into is motivation. Many books will look and dabble with the subject but very few people can tell you how to actually, in a quantitative way, increase self motivation. You also need to be consistent - i.e. a huge surge of motivation is great but a better "goal" is simply constant motivation over a period of weeks or months.




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