Wednesday, January 14, 2015

You've got to be kidding...

Yesterday I felt very discouraged.

 I practically wore workout clothes to work because I knew that my daughter had a basketball game and my intention was to go directly to the gym afterward. I avoided sugar yesterday and ate well all day. I was feeling like I was on my way to being on track. 

And within one hour I hurt my knee and found out that my car needed an expensive repair. Two big hits.

I was getting up for my small chair in my classroom and twisted my knee the wrong way. It popped and then it popped again when I stood up so I thought it was going to be okay. And then the pain set in. It HURTS to put any weight on it.

On the way home from work I found out that my almost brand-new car (2012 model that I've had for less than a year) needs a pretty pricey repair on the ENGINE. A repair that would have been covered under the warranty 2000 miles ago.

And I cried again for the second or third day in a row. But I did not cheat. 

I suddenly wanted a bowl of cereal and candy and soda and cake. But I did not give in.

My knee is still hurting this morning when I walk so I will have to go to the doctor, and that really sucks. Do you know how absolutely embarrassing it is for me to go to the doctor about my knee because I am so self-conscious about my fat knees? (Yeah, I cried about that last night, too).  

My goal for the day is to not be discouraged. Yesterday kind of sucked, but there were also some good things that happened. Some definite signs that things are looking up. So I will not quit. Success is mine.


  1. Cheer up, dust off and get up girl, happens to all of us.....

  2. You are inspiring! I needed to read this message today, thanks!

  3. Hey Hollie, I see you posted yesterday but I missed it. Welcome back. They say baby steps. I say fight one battle at a time. Nice to know you are still fighting!

  4. Ah I hate it when those days come. Love that despite it all, you resisted. That shows great commitment. Hoping you feel much better soon and your issue with your knee is simply a minor one. Still cheering you on in my corner of the world.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  5. You totally hit a chord with the repair and the injury and how it affects you. I appreciate your honesty and I feel your pain. Don't let it derail you.


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