Monday, January 19, 2015

Let's get 2015 started...

This mornings weigh in just made me sick. Devastating. 

I have officially undone two years of hard work. I am back to my January 2013 weight.


I also took measurements.
Waist - 46.5 in
Right arm- 18 in
Left thigh - 31.5 in
Hips - 52.5 in
Bottom belly/pouch - 55 in
Chest - 42 in

I'm just... Disgusted. But it's definitely motivation to make the necessary changes.

Today starts the Gunnar Challenge. I'm not THRILLED with it, but it's only day one. The calorie guidelines are all or nothing for my weight. I get the option of rapid weight loss (1200 calories - NO) or moderate -1-2 lbs/week - weight loss (2300 calories - too much). I chose moderate weight loss, but will stick with 1800-2000 calories, which is what MyFitnessPal suggests.

The meal plan is also disappointing. It's just too fancy and complicated for my tastes. I have five people to feed. The meals just aren't practical for me. So I will just try to modify.

I mean, I know how to eat clean. I have just been doing a crappy job of it.

I also start working with a 'coach' today... Someone personal. There is also a support group involved. I'm super excited about this, too, because this woman has successfully lost weight and kept it off. She doesn't offer meal plans she offers daily support. And I need that. 

I'm back in the gym and FINALLY doing weighs thanks to an unlikely gym partner (my ex husband!). Yesterday I had to admit to myself that I've been bs'ing with my workouts, too.

All the tools for success are in my face. It's now up to me to make it happen.

I can't believe I've allowed myself to backslide this far.


  1. Good luck Hollie, its not always easy to stay on track, sometimes two steps forward & one step back. Im working on my health & fitness as well

  2. Hey Hollie, you can do it! This is why I love your blog, you're so honest and so real. I know I can relate to you and your struggles, because I have the same ones. I'm so glad you are optimistic, but you never sugarcoat what may be a tough journey for you. I'm going to try to make small changes too, I want to be the best I can be.

  3. I just happened on your blog today and I relate to your struggle. I think almost everyone who has lost weight struggles with backsliding. I had my reality check about six months ago and I have working to lose again and I am hoping that this time it sticks once I get to the point of maintenance. Keep thinking positive though.

  4. It sucks to backslide dude. can't spend much time beating yourself up bc what's done is done and now you are going to do better. Of course...that doesn't mean that at some point you should ( actually sounds like you have done this)...look at what happened and see if you can prevent it from ever happening again. But the good news did it can do it again. It seems so crazy how we can let it happen though ya know? We work so hard and then BAM! Weight gain. Oh well. Such is our lives. I think it will always be a battle for me...but I can hang. So can you! Keep bloggin!

  5. Oh Hollie! How I understand this feeling all to well! I have never been successful at weight loss, I finally crossed a 10 lb milestone, my first milestone met ever. Despite years of trying, too. Why? Because losing weight is SO HARD and I always expect instant results. I'm meeting my goals now because I am focusing on enjoying the journey,and not beating myself up if I'm not perfect with EVERY.LITTLE.THING. My results may not be drastic after every hard day....but little by little, I am changing and I know I'm feeling better. I want this more than anything. The struggle is so very real. I used to just give up if I made a mistake, what I'm trying this time around is thinking about why I made the mistake and creating a game plan that I know I can stick to if I am confronted with the same situation. Keep going girl! I'm working hard with ya!

  6. Don't worry Hollie, its a process. Sometimes you gotta start again to find out what is gonna work for you. I have just started over myself, xmas and new year were just too good to me, you know?! I have been trying the Venus Factor, just a week or so in so its too early to give any concrete results yet, but I have reviewed the contents of the program here:

    Good luck! :)


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