Saturday, October 25, 2014

Planning for November

I have a lot of time on my hands today since I am playing wedding coordinator for my church. My responsibility is to make sure things run smoothly, then clean up after the wedding. Since the "run smoothly" part takes about 5 hours, and since things have actually went well today, I have been doing a lot of thinking about this journey.

I woke up this morning feeling discouraged. DON'T ask me why.

Because yesterday I was wearing my skinny jeans and feeling pretty good.

But today, I feel down. I think it has to do with the scale, or lack of it. Not really sure.

So I decided that it would be very pro-active of me to spend some time thinking about my plan for when the Personal Trainer food runs out in exactly one week, and what my next challenge will be to myself. I feel like I know what to do as far as food goes. PTF taught me to get back to the low-carb basics, and that works for me. I feel like using that as a tool has set me up for success. But my workouts...

Tomorrow my last 100 in 6 cardio challenge will end. Instead of doing another one, I feel the need to change up my workouts. I'm getting bored with cardio already. The bike and the elliptical don't challenge me anymore.

As much as I hate to admit it, it's time to pick up the weights. I also want to try to run again since my knee is cooperating for the most part. So after conferring with my friend, Sharon (who is a workout beast), weights it is.

I downloaded a routine from the JEFit app for beginners using the machines at the gym. I will also "run" 1-3 miles daily for cardio, depending on if I weight train or not. In the past, weights always start working and I see my body changing, but that damned scale ruins it for me. My weight will fluctuate up and I will quite because the weight gain messes with me.

But not that I am "off" the scale, I'm ready to try it again. I also need to do it for my knee, which is sore going up/down steps again. The physical therapist STRESSED to me that lower body weights were crucial in strengthening my knee and keeping it well enough to stand the impact of cardio. And I haven't done a single strengthening exercise in about 6 weeks at least.

So... that's the plan for November. Transition back to real, low-carb living with moderate cheats meals on 11/21 (Kalela's bday) and Thanksgiving. And to consistently complete a weight-training routine, along with only running for cardio.

I will stay off the scale, and continue to use my clothing to measure my success. I may even get the measuring tape out (I seem to hate it, too).


  1. I really rooting for you. The transition back is the hardest step!

  2. You are doing so great Hollie. Keep up the awesome work!!!


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