Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Oct 1 weigh-in...

14.8 lbs gone this month. 

Not bad at all! 

I could never imagine just a month ago that I would be able to stick to low carb living this long. Yes, I do still want the bad stuff, but I'm able to say no and resist. 

The great thing is that I feel strong and I know I'll be able to keep going. 

I am doing Personal Training Food for another 28 days. It is absolutely working for me right now as far as convenience and meal prep. My first 28 days of food will be up on this Sunday. At that time, I  going to do a liquid-only 'detox' for two days before I start again.

My coach recommended this because my weight loss has slowed down. And since I will be off from work I think the timing is perfect. 

We leave for vacation in one week, and that will be my restart day. 

Yes, I am sticking to plan while on vacation. Why not?

I am not about to undo a months worth of hard work. We have a kitchen in our beach condo so I just plan on packing all of my food in ice for the drive there and carrying on as usual.

This vacation will not be about food. It will be about relaxing and exploring and enjoying time with my family.

When I get back I'll have another week off, and on that week I plan on hitting the gym hard and getting back into an exercise routine. Softball for my daughter is almost over, so I'll have my workout time back. I'm so ready.

I'm excited about October!!! My goals are finally within reach again.

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  1. thats so awesome! I saw your picture over on IG and was amazed. Way to go!!! That is so fantastic!


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