Friday, September 19, 2014

Week 3 of low carb...

Almost at the end of week 3 of low-carb and I feel like I'm doing well! Still no cheats, and still doing the Personal Trainer Food. It's starting to feel 'normal' but certain things make me know I'll never be normal when it comes to food.

One of my students brought donuts yesterday from my favorite local bakery for his birthday. I felt like my life would END of I didn't have just one. I could smell them from across the room. But I didn't have one. And it was a HARD decision.

I dread going to Kroger because the Halloween Cadbury eggs are out, and also candy corn. Both are binge items and both make me feel happy to my soul when I eat them. 

I'm not exaggerating either.

But I know I will just have to fight those battles as they come along. Food addiction (any addiction) is hard to beat. Three weeks is just a drop in the bucket to how much time I'll actually need to get really clarity and maybe some good weight loss. 

That's why I still think ordering the food and making that commitment was a good idea. My food choices are made for me when I'm too weak to do it myself. And it also keeps me out the grocery store more often. I do a weekly trip to Aldi for the kids groceries and some salad fixings for me and that's usually it. 

Progress pic as of today. Size 18 pants from Old Navy and size Xl shirt from NY&CO. 

Also a few pics of my favorite foods this week...

I've been eating a big salad for lunch each day... with some kind of chopped chicken.

I'm loving the maple sausage. And I don't even like sausage, lol.

For dinner each night I'm doing two veggies and a meat.

And FYI... the garlic sauce provided with the meals is crack for veggies. I love it!


  1. I've been carb cycling for 4 weeks now and I feel great. I was worried about all you read about people struggling with not eating carbs but I haven't had any issues.

    PS - I've added you to my blogroll, can I get on yours as well?

  2. You are doing great!!! I appreciate your efforts for weight loss. Low carb diets resticts certain carbs that to help you lose weight and also improve HDL cholestrol


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