Saturday, September 13, 2014

My week in food... and yes, it's good!

This week has been another crazy, busy, hectic week. But through it all I've been so thankful for the investment made in the Personal Trainer Food. It has TRULY kept me on track. You can't ask for meals that are more easy to prepare and convenient. I pack my insulated lunch box and a microwavable dish with me at all times and so far, I've been able to eat whenever I feel hungry. (Which is not as often now that the cravings have subsided).

Here is a sample of some of my meals this week:

As you can see, each lunch and dinner consists of a meat (I pretty much chose all types of chicken since I don't eat beef) and a veggie. All of the meats are seasoned really well and are remarkably tasty. The veggies are fresh and are yummy with the garlic sauce they provide. 

The breakfasts usually have eggs or omelets and sausage. I am not a sausage fan, but the maple sausage is the bomb!

Every night before I got to bed, I go down to my deep freezer in the garage and choose my food for the following day. Two meats, two veggies, and a breakfast. I bring them upstairs and put them in the kitchen freezer. The next morning its super easy to pack what I need in my insulated lunchbox along with a snack (also provided). If I know I'm going to be gone all day, I'll pack everything. Sometimes I add a couple of boiled eggs or a side salad (which is allowed) if I know I'm going to exercise or if I think I'm going to need more to get me through a long day.

You can add any meat or veggie or eggs that you want (if this amount of food isn't enough). But so far, I think this food is plenty. When you are eating good carbs and whole foods, I just don't think your body needs as much. Just two weeks into low-carb living, I find that I am more satisfied with my small meals and am not hungry as much. 

I still WANT sugar and bad carbs, though... but the cravings are not intense. Honestly, the first week I felt like crying everytime I was faced with a food that I can't have. Sad, huh? But now, I just look longingly at the pizza and keep going, lol.

This will all be worth it. I know I am making the best, most healthy choice for my body. I am SO ready to start losing weight again. 


  1. You go girl! Im also trying to lose weight! Don't give up

  2. wow, that is hard work. It takes dedication and also genuine interest to actually go out there and prepare healthy food for the day. My friend does the same thing. I mean it's different when you're too busy and you just grab the next available fast food you can find vs when you really take the time to prepare healthier food options. Good luck on the journey!


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