Friday, September 26, 2014

Getting my groove...

This is been a week full of highs and lows on this weight-loss journey. Some days I feel so snacky and I feel like I just want to binge all over the place. But other times, like today, I feel very strong and full of resolve.  

I must admit that it's an amazing feeling to fit in a pair of pants that didn't fit you last month and also wear a hand-me-down shirt that belonged to my 16-year-old child.

I know that I'm not supposed to, but I have peeked at the scale several times this week. I almost had a breakdown just because I am not losing like I was a few weeks ago. 

But this morning it hit me that there is a reason why the people at Personal Trainer Food tell you do not stand on the scale more than twice during your 28 days. They tell you to really watch the inches that you're losing and how your clothes feel. And honestly, my clothes feel pretty amazing right now. I know that I'm losing inches even if it's not showing on the scale. And I'm sure that it being my time of the month doesn't help matters either.

Lesson learned about the scale. Again.

My goals for the weekend include drinking more water and getting more exercise. I know that life is really busy during the week but I've got to find time to get more activity in. I just really feel like I need it for my sanity.

And I know that I'm slacking on the water. My goal is to get back to at least a gallon a day or half my bodyweight like I'm supposed to.

I made another important decision this week. I have decided that I am not going to stop my low-carb journey when I go on vacation on October 9. I know that one reason that I decided to do the personal trainer food was to get back on track before I went on vacation. But what's the use of getting back on track when I go on vacation if I'm just going to ruin all of my progress while I'm on vacation! Since there is a kitchen in our condo there is really no excuse for me not to take my food on vacation with me and stay on plan while I'm there. 

I guess I'm starting to think in longer-term goals. I really would love to end the year 2014 below 250 pounds. I have not been below 254 since I started this journey in December 2012. And you all know that I've been between 254 and 260 something pounds for the past year or so. Except for the last month or so when I backslid to almost 280.

It's time to get this weight-loss journey pumped up again. I really believe that I have the tools now that I have my food under control. Now it's just time to have discipline and consistency and get the job done.

Since several have asked, and several people are even ordering (yay!), here is a link you can use to order Personal Trainer Food and get $50 off!


  1. You're looking really good and I guess it helps that you're naturally pretty to begin with. But with losing weight your facial features are standing out more.

  2. I bring a gallon jug of water every day to work and my goal is to leave with an empty jug. I've found water makes a HUGE difference in how well I do with losing weight.

    I found your blog recently. Your results are impressive and inspiring for someone like mho is restarting his journey again.

    I've added you to my blogroll and would be honored if you would consider adding me to yours.

    Stay Strong!

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