Monday, September 22, 2014

21 days...

2 lbs down this week... 14 lbs total since Sept. 1. I'm officially back in my 'normal' range of 258-265. But trust me, I'm trying to blow past that. 

I was scrolling through pictures tonight and ran across two pictures that were taken exactly 2 weeks apart. 

Look at the difference in belly fat since I started the Personal Trainer Food! I can really tell a difference in my clothes, too. 

Getting rid of the sugar and bad carbs REALLY makes a difference for me. And I'm never hungry anymore. 

I'm ready to make this week great!


  1. Is there any discount code for Personal Trainer Food?

  2. fantastic! Love reading about your journey using the meal planning thing (to lazy to go look up the name again LOL)

  3. Bella's Mama, use this code
    for $50 off!

  4. Nice article, Weight loss is so important for a healthy life. We have to take part daily in such activities that help us to reduce our weight loss.


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