Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Not so lazy summer!

I can barely count the ways I love summer break! It's been so nice to relax, sleep in, and just take a break! 

But don't think for a minute I'm slacking on my goals... My gym sessions have been great! I'm keeping up with cardio and weight training, and I'm already seeing progress.

I'm also continuing to eat well. My SmartOnes are still keeping me on track. I actually ventured out and tried some of their breakfast items this week. The Smart Beginnings products are really good! I liked the apple and cinnamon oatmeal, but this egg and cheese english muffin sandwich was the bomb! And much healthier than what you would get at fast food joint.

My goals for the rest of the summer are to stay prepared with good meal choices and keep up with my fitness routine. It's easy to slide off track when you are at home all day, but it's not necessary! I'm keeping my freezer stocked with Smart Ones that I can grab any time of the day... breakfast, lunch or dinner. No excuse not to eat right, or to grab junk.

And if I do have a set back, I immediately wipe my slate clean and keep it moving. One mistake doesn't have to ruin your whole day! You always have the choice to eat better for your very next meal. Start fresh. Move on!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Being prepared...

Today I was looking back on the past week, and how successful I've felt as far as my diet and exercise is concerned. It hasn't been EASY, but it does seem like making good choices hasn't been such a huge struggle. What has changed?

Well, first, I think it has to do with making a decision to STOP restricting. Instead of deciding what I CAN'T eat, I am concentrating on what I can eat. I am enjoying lots of fresh fruit since several of my favorites are in season. I am also trying not to beat myself up, or obsess over the times that I choose to have a not-so-healthy option. Like the other day I had s'mores with my daughter. I had one, thoroughly enjoyed it, then moved on. It was not an excuse to throw in the towel for the day and eat crazy. It was a treat.

Another way I feel I am setting myself up for success is to be prepared. The more "good" choices I have around, the more likely I am to eat them. I have been making sure to prep fresh fruit and veggies ahead of time for grab-and-go snacks. I am trying to cook more since I'm on vacation, but sometimes with softball being almost daily, I still have to grab a SmartOnes meal when pressed for time. I'm glad I still have several in my freezer for times like those. Three minutes, and I have a great, tasty meal that is low in calories.

Honestly, since I've started eating the SmartOnes, I've all but stopped any sort of formal "meal-prep" like I used to do. I would spend hours cooking food to eat for several days at a time... But if I ever got behind or skipped a day of meal prep, I'd be in trouble because I wouldn't have anything healthy to eat. SmartOnes has really spoiled me. They are faster, less expensive, and there is way more variety. I never get tired of them... there is always a different kind if I want it.

And the most important thing? They keep me prepared. When my kids want pizza, I can eat a SmartOnes pizza (the Thin Crust Cheese Pizza is to die for!). When my kids want taco night and I'm sick of tacos (I am!), I can pop in a SmartOnes Chicken Quesadilla and still have a hot meal at the table with the kiddos. It's a win-win!

And I'm still having to share with my kids... My son loves SmartOnes almost as much as I do!

I'm so grateful that I'm finally finding ways to make this a true lifestyle for ME.

My next goal for the summer is to start trying more recipes. I've learned that variety keeps me from being bored with my food. Time to start experimenting with new things!

In the spirit of full-disclosure, I’ve partnered with the Smart Ones brand and received compensation for my participation in the clean slate project (cleanslate.com). However, all opinions given here are fully my own.