Monday, May 19, 2014


Funny thing... lately I've been feeling very peaceful. It's as suddenly, all of my stress and anxiety has melted away. It's not like there's been some life-changing event that has happened that suddenly has given me tons of time, money or energy. I guess my perspective has just changed. I'm REALLY trying to find the positive in every situation in my life right now. No matter the circumstance, I look for the bright side. And it's helped my outlook tremendously.

I haven't been 100% dedicated to my diet/exercise, but I haven't given up on this journey. I've just decided NOT to stress about it. I am not beating myself up about my choices, and I'm not getting down about it. I am enjoying this journey I'm on, and appreciating the progress that I've made. 

Every time I slide on a pair of size 18 pants lately, I am grateful. I remember how size 26 feels. And no matter what is happening right now, I am not there anymore. I know I'm not done with my journey... I definitely have not reached my destination. I am just enjoying the scenery during this rest stop.

I've done pretty good at maintaining my weight loss during this "pause". I am still enjoying my Smart Ones meals. My daughter makes fun of me almost every morning when I grab my Three Cheese Ziti out of the freezer to pack for lunch. I can't help it. It's my favorite. And I usually buy 5 or 6 at a time. I'll never get tired of eating cheesy pasta for lunch. Don't judge me!

Wednesday, May 21 is my last day of school before summer break! I'm so excited to get some time off. But first, my kiddos and I will go on a road trip to Missouri to see family. I'll come back on Memorial Day, which is also my 38th birthday. I figure that it will be much easier to focus after that. As long as I keep this great sense of peace I have, I'm good. No more stressing about food and numbers. I have the tools I need, and I know that this journey is all about choices. Everything will be fine as long as I keep my eyes on the road ahead. 

In the spirit of full-disclosure, I’ve partnered with the Smart Ones brand and received compensation for my participation in the clean slate project ( However, all opinions given here are fully my own.

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  1. I just found your blog. I have red the most recent two posts, and I like your attitude. You are much further along in your journey than I am. How wonderful to have gone from size 26 to 18! Keep going.
    I haven't hit a horrible plateau, but I am only 7 weeks into my program.
    I too am blogging on my experience and thoughts. If you wouldn't mind looking at my blog and offering suggestions if you have any. I have tons of text and almost no pics. Trying to figure otu what might be relevant.
    Anyway. Thanks. My blog is at

    George McKenzie


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