Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fasting again...

I have decided to fast again for the next 21 days...

From April 30 through May 21 I will be fasting from social media and from sugar.

Weird combo, huh?

Social media, although fun and very inspirational, is also a time waster for me. I've found that on some days, I spend hours scrolling through Facebook and Instagram. Both on my personal pages and my SkinnyHollie pages. It's the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning! It's gotten out of hand.

So I will delete those apps and abstain for the next 21 days. And then hopefully I will be able to use them with some sort of sense.

I have also decided that in order to get some kind of sanity with my food, I have to kick the sugar habit again. I am simply lying to myself if I think I will ever have control of that addiction.

There is no moderation for me. Not now. Maybe not ever.

My birthday is May 26 and I am DETERMINED to get out of the 250's by then. I need to focus for the next 21 days, and I believe if I do so I will reach my goal.

So instead of spending time on social media, I will be at the gym or exercising. I will be able to read more and fill my brain with positive knowledge. I will be able to focus on all the things that have to be done at work for the end of the school year.

My last day of school will be the last day of this fast. I will be able to start my summer with a clean slate if I can stick to this fast.

And just to prove it's not about pure weight loss, I will not weigh myself during this time. I will weigh myself in the morning, and again on the morning of May 22. Not at all in between.

I believe that God can help me through this, but I must get my priorities straight. And make myself a priority, too. I know I can do this. I have to stop sabotaging my own efforts.

So.... you will definitely see more of me over the next three weeks. In my opinion, blogging is not the same as social media, so I will still be updating on here.


  1. I disengaged from all social media for a year and it definitely helped me put things into perspective. Too much of our lives are caught up in screens now. Sugar.... Well sugar is a nasty drug, I'm still working on that one. Good luck!

  2. I have no trouble fasting from sugar, been off that over eight months now. But social media would be hard! Like you I tend to spend a lot of time on it. But I do still find time to workout so I'm ok with that for now. Good luck on your fast, especially kicking the sugar. :)

  3. Glad you are doing what you need to do. You are not alone with the fasting from sugar. I feel much better and the carvings are mostly gone.

  4. No question that sugar is a tough bitch to kick permanently to the curb.But I'm right there with you. I've come to completely accept how toxic it is to me, how powerless I am over it, and how moderation just don't work with that bitch. LOL So sugar (like Chocolate in February) is now BYGONES. Fresh fruit is my new sugar. :)

    good luck!

  5. I've given up sugar too. I think it's going to have to be forever. You can do it! I wanna be out of my 250's too!

  6. I like that idea. I may try it myself. I believe you can do it. I am working my way out of the 250's myself, let's do it together. One day at a time girl!

  7. i love the dedication you have to lose weight i think when you put your mind to do something anything is possible stay motivated and maintain

  8. Fasting is a practice that involves choosing to abstain from food, drink, or both for a pre-determined amount of time. It is generally used for detoxification of the body or for other medical reasons. Fasting programs are also popular and proven weight loss methods when used safely and moderately. Due to the health risks of fasting, it is extremely important to follow a few steps to ensure that your fast is both effective and healthy for your body.


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