Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Day 35 - progress update

The month of January was good! I lost a total of 11.7 lbs (from 270.8 to 259.1). It looks like I may have lost a few inches, too. 

I finished my Daniel Fast with no treats, and started the process of transitioning to "real life" eating. The first few days were rough... it was scary to add things back in and then the scale started creeping up. 

Ultimately, I decided that from this point forward I am going to start counting calories again using MyFitnessPal and follow their recommended amount (1660 calories) and actually EAT them. When I first started counting again I realized that I was eating only about 1200-1300 calories, not including what I'm burning during exercise. After a pep talk from a new friend who has lost 100+ lbs in 7 months, I have decided to at least eat my minimum daily. I am trying to choose clean, whole food and make sure that I'm balancing my macros, but it's not perfect. 

My goals for February...

I am actually enjoying exercise again, and I am DETERMINED to finally get some kind of at-home gym set up in my garage. I NEED a place (besides my tiny bedroom) to exercise at home. Last night, for example, I got home late from taking my daughter to play practice. I could've popped in a DVD, but I couldn't because it would keep my kids up if I did it in my room or the living room. The way my wood floors are set up... the whole house would be bouncing. Not to mention that you can hear the slightest noise, even with the doors shut. But if I can get the garage cleaned and set up, it's on the opposite end of the house as our bedrooms, plus the floor is concrete. It will work.


  1. Thank you for bravely sharing your progress. You look great! I am a very similar size and am on the same path to weight loss as you! Good luck!

  2. Awesome, awesome progress!
    You look great!

  3. I can definitely see the inches lost! Way to go!

    Although I know that so many studies say that exercise has little physical effect on weight loss (that it's all about diet), I have to say that I tend to make WAY better choices eating-wise when I exercise - not to mention it just feels so much better! Keep up the great work!

  4. Great progress!! You can do it!

  5. Hi hollie,

    I am a new follower, I just started a blog of my own and looking for a few friends to go through this life changing path with :).

    I think the turning the garage into your workout area is a great idea :)

  6. Hollie that is awesome! As someone that's lost almost 90 pounds I can appreciate the HARD WORK you are putting in.

    I started blogging too, and one thing I just started putting up for my friends and followers is a Home Workout of the Day that is only 5 minutes long - something that gets people used to moving around.

    Check it out here - http://itstartswith10.com/home-page/the-start-with-10-system/home-workout-of-the-day/ - waiting for that perfect time or space just keeps putting off what we all know we need to do so much.

    Keep on inspiring!

  7. you are presenting a nice information here. thank you.

  8. Wow I just love your blog and all the progress you have made. It is really inspiring.
    I will start my road to weight loss tomorrow, and will do it with at least one meal of green juices and as you prayers.
    Keep up the good work girl, you´ll soon hit your target :-)

  9. You can really see the difference! Thats so cool! I'm deffinitly going to look at your progress :)

    My blog:):


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