Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas break?

I'm struggling today. 

I should be really happy because it's the beginning of my Christmas break (2 weeks off!). But I've been very sad and emotional for a few days. One of our special kids at school passed away on Monday evening. She was not one of my students, but I was around this child for 4 years. And I'm very sad for this family because this is their second child to die with this rare disorder. Last night was visitation at the funeral home and I lost it. Came home and ate pizza with my kids.

Which, of course made me feel like crap emotionally and physically. And I still feel crappy today. I've barely had any water and I've been in the bed since around 1pm with a headache. 

Tomorrow is the day that I'm supposed to start 2-a-day workouts. And get my eating under control. And I'm scared that I won't do it.

Crazy, right? But my mindset and willpower are weak. But I also know there is no way I can exist like this until after Christmas. I've got to get better.

If I can just get in that gym in the morning I know it will set my mood for the remainder of the day. So that's my goal. 


  1. That poor family. I don't blame you for feeling bad; there's a good reason.

  2. It's ok to be blue. If you fall a bit short of your goals, don't beat yourself up. Allow yourself to grieve. The rest will come.


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