Saturday, August 24, 2013

Wow... It's been a while!

My laptop at home died about six months ago, and although I have a desktop (that mainly my kids use) and an iPad, it's not as easy for me to blog as it used to be. But my intention is always to try! I update my Facebook page pretty often, so you can always keep up with me on there. The Blogger app for iPad and iPhone SUCKS in my opinion because it doesn't allow you to moderate comments and my pictures always look really large. I like blogging via computer, bottom line. 

BUT I miss blogging and I will find a way. Blogging was always an outlet for me to 'get it out' and to connect with people who had the same struggles as I do. I've been able to connect with lots of great folks via Facebook and Instagram, but it's not the same as the blogging world. I miss y'all.

The good news is that I'm still focused on my journey. As of today, I'm 55+ lbs down since Thanksgiving 2012. I've pretty much maintained my weight over the past 3+ months, but I've lost inches. I'm now hovering between 260-265lbs and am wearing a size 18-20 bottoms, size XL top. I feel good at this size, but the stall is getting old.

Why am I not losing anymore? Well... I think there are several reasons. I've let sugar creep back in... Not much. But I splurge a lot more than I should. Even though I keep my calories low, my choices aren't always clean and healthy. For several months I was very rigid, and the weight really came off. But now, my diet and exercise have to be perfect for that scale to move. And that's frustrating.
Because I'm far from perfect. And at some point I want to LIVE.

SO I guess my challenge now is finding balance between living and weight loss. And how to find structure and focus in my busy, stressful life. But I will. I've come to far to go back now.

I'm on day 6 of a 21-day challenge... No sweets, sodas, junk food, white bread, etc. I'm doing good, but I was a raging bitch for a few days. Detox was hard. But I think it will really help get me on track.
I'm also going to try weight training again. I'm very consistent with my cardio, and was walking up to 8 miles a day this summer. But I never started weights like I wanted to. I think I may hire a trainer to help me. But I'm ready to shake things up. I see all these incredible transformations on Instagram and Facebook, and all these gals believe in their weights. I know it works.

Again, I will try to start posting SOMETHING at least weekly until I get a laptop or until blogger improves their iPad app, lol. Thanks for sticking with me on this journey (almost 5 years blogging!)... We can all get there if we don't give up!


  1. Welcome back!
    You look great! You have been one of my inspirations for a while so I'm happy to see you back and doing well :)
    Stick around!
    Britt @ One&20

  2. Welcome back and good look with the rest of the 21 day challenge :D

  3. I really like how honest you are about the struggles. I just started my blog a little over a month ago. Anyway, I am constantly looking for other down to earth people to follow. Thanks for you sharing your experience.


  4. You really are an inspiration, inside and out! I was searching for a skin tightening product, as I am a person who has lost close to 100 pounds and now have saggy/loose skin, when I came across your blog. Keep up the great work and keep blogging and we will keep reading! LOL....Good luck!


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