Monday, February 11, 2013

Ten weeks... Still holding strong!

It's hard to believe that tomorrow marks 10 weeks since I went sugar/flour/wheat free. Every time I pass on dessert, or pizza, or pasta, I'm amazed that I'm able to say 'no' so effortlessly. Rolls at the dinner table? No problem! Tummy treats at BUNCO? Not for me!

I am able to appreciate how good these treats must taste without indulging. It's just not worth the risk of un-doing all the hard work I've put in.

As of yesterday, I'm down almost 33 lbs. the weight is still coming off slow, but I've learned to just appreciate the fact it's coming off at all. I'm trying to eat more calories, and most days I do ok. But some days I'm still pretty low. Still working on that.

I've had to work on a recent craving for potato chips, which I've never had an issue with before. And Coke Zero. I only drink water, but I love Coke Zero and have been giving in more lately.

I guess the bottom line is I'm still trying to get a hold on my disordered eating... And it's not all about sugar. It's a mind thing. Totally.

But I've been successful for 10 weeks, and I don't plan in quitting anytime soon!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Two Months

Today marks the first day of my third month of living a sugar-free/flour-free/wheat-free lifestyle. I weighed in this morning at 289.6.... exactly 10 lbs down from what I weighed on January 1.

When I first set out on this "final" leg of my weight loss journey, my goal was to lose 10 lbs per month... so technically I should be really happy with this progress.

But there is a part of me that is, honestly, disappointed.

I know, I know... 10 lbs is great. I'm down a total of 29.4 lbs. The fact that I'm almost 9 weeks sugar-free is great. I'm making good progress. I'm staying focused. I've tracked my food for 45 days in a row. I'm down about 2 sizes. I'm exercising 4 times per week and loving it.

Life is good.

But I think I should be losing more weight.

After my last post, I tried to start eating more calories. It lasted about 3-4 days, then I just slipped right back into low calories. I don't *think* I'm doing it on purpose... it's just that I'm full and satisfied without the extra food. And I'm too busy and stretched out to even WANT TO think about food all the time, especially how to eat MORE. At the end of the night, especially after a good workout, the last thing I want to do is stuff my face.

Today I sat down and crunched a few numbers from My Fitness Pal. Since 12/28/12, I have averaged anywhere between 1026-1080 calories (NET) per day.

Yes, I know. That is REALLY low for someone almost 300 lbs. I think it really is the cause of my slow losses. My carbs range from 22 - 30%, and my protein ranges from 23-30%. I guess my diet is high in fat, being 40-52% (but mostly from eggs, cheese, olive oil and nuts).

All I know is that I have to find more quality, nutritious food. And I'm probably going to have to eat more often during the day, which will be a challenge in a busy classroom environment. I need more protein and less fat. I think my carbs are good, since I'm exercising and since they come from fruit and veggies.

I've been having so much fun doing group classes at the gym. Zumba, piloxing, kickboxing, hip-hop dance... Monday through Thursday for two weeks straight I've been going, and getting awesome calorie burns each time. My daughter and her bff have been my workout buddies, which gives me added incentive and accountability. Funny how it's possible to make time when one of my children is involved.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

And I promise to get another book up soon to give away! I haven't forgot about that.