Sunday, December 9, 2012

For the rest of my life...

When I decided last Sunday to start restricting carbs as a way to "jump start" my weight loss, I had no idea what I was in for. I really struggled on Sunday and Monday. Just eliminating sweet stuff wasn't working because I was still eating potatoes, bread and other foods with refined carbs. It wasn't sweet, but it was allowing my body to hang onto those carb cravings.

After some advice from friends, I went totally low carb on Tuesday. No sugar or refined carbs, but I allowed myself fruit to get through the cravings. I also started tracking with the Lose-it app - I switched from My Fitness Pal because Lose-it has a great barcode scanner and its very user friendly. The first few days was rough! I was cranky and miserable. My cravings were fierce. But by Friday, I was beginning to feel better.

Last night I had a planned girls night out with several of my best friends that included a house party and one friends birthday party. I was really nervous about it. Would I drink alcohol? How was I going to handle party food and birthday cake?

Before I left I made a good dinner so I wouldn't be hungry... Pan seared tilapia and roasted broccoli. And I made sure to drink plenty of water all day.

I am proud to report that I remained in control all night. 2 cups of diet coke, 2 chicken wings, a cheese stick, and some fresh broccoli with a dab of some type of dressing. Oh, and lots of bottled water. No alcohol at all. And it was good! I still had a great time and partied all night. I was even feeling pretty good about the way I looked. (please excuse the pile of towels behind me, lol).

And my reward... I weighed in this morning and was 7.4 lbs down since Monday morning. That felt pretty awesome.

Each day I'm finding that this struggle has so much more to do with my mind than just my body. I am addicted to food, and my food of choice is anything filled with bad carbs. Now that I am taking away those bad carbs, it seems like the fog is going away and I am starting to think more about the root of this problem I have.

And I am also facing the fact that the same foods that have comforted me for all these years are the same ones causing me so much pain. And they are the same ones that I may have to give up for the rest of my life. Silly as it sounds, that makes me sad. No more cake or donuts? No more candy bars and pie?

Some people are able to eat a little of these foods and move on. I'm not one of those people. Those foods have the power to consume me and are usually the trigger foods that kill my diet every time I'm moving in the right direction.

This coming week is going to be hard. Several work-related potlucks and dinners. But I have a plan for each and am very motivated and determined to stay on track.

I'm setting up my success for the rest of my life. There is no room for failure, and I'm sick and tired of regret.


  1. AMEN.
    I may make wonky choices at times but Ive no regret.



  2. You looked very nice! It's always good to feel confidant.

  3. YAY!! excited for this week too! good luck!

  4. Hi are so right that it has to do with the mind. Whenever we desire to's a good time to pause and ask ourselves what am I truly hungry for? Is it companionship, love, am I bored, do I need more joy in my life. Everything starts with our thinking and from that place we act.

  5. Umm, I love you. That's all I got! :)

  6. You may want to consider juicing!! Juicing is awesome, and has been really good for me! Personally I can't stand meat and cheese all day, I need my fruits and veggies. Animal based diets just don't feel healthy. Juicing feels AMAZING! Anyhow, great job cutting out the sugar. :) Just a suggestion...

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