Sunday, December 2, 2012


I have went crazy. Nuts. Bonkers.

I have decided to give up sugar during the Christmas holiday season.

Well, sugar is a strong term to use. My concentration is mostly on sweet stuff. Donuts, cake, pastries, pie, syrups and sweet tea... stuff that I REALLY like.

And know, deep down, that I'm addicted to.

Something hit me the other day after a text with my friend, Crys. She was telling me about another blogger friend who is opting to have gastric bypass. A part of me felt jealous... still not sure why. I think it has something to do with me seeing Cry's amazing success with it, and knowing that yet another person that I know of will be getting that same success while I'm stuck in the same morbidly obese body. So, while I'm chastising myself for feeling this way, I remind myself that even with WLS, you have to work your butt off. It's not easy (like some people think). There are all kinds of restrictions, sugar being one of the top ones. 

That got me to thinking, that if I had WLS today, I'd still have a hard time with giving up sugar. Because I'm an addict. So why not just give up sugar... now?

If I'm honest with myself, I KNOW that going sugar free seems impossible because I am so dependent on it. My love affair with sugar started before I was even in control of it. My baby teeth were rotten from sugar and soda by the time I was two. I remember sweet treats as far back as my memory goes. Sweets when you're happy, sweets when you're sad. Even as an adult, my mom and I used to love to shop the day-old cakes, pies and pastry shelf at Kroger or Walmart. I love anything sweet.

But if I'm ever going to lose weight and keep it off for good, I'm going to have to let it go. Now.

I don't want to wait until New Years. I want to start now. Well, yesterday was my "official" start date. But I didn't think it through very well, since I had a birthday party and an open house yesterday. And I ate cake at the birthday party, and while I was still "high", I at marshmallows dipped in chocolate fondue at the open house. Of course I felt ashamed an hour later because I'd failed on my first day, but I didn't give my day away and promise to start "tomorrow". I stayed clean for the rest of the day.

And so far today the only sweet indulgence I had was a Luna bar that I found in the bottom of my purse. That was after I passed up cupcakes at the grocery store in exchange for a honey crisp apple that cost me $2. It was worth it.

I think each day will get better. The cravings are there, and I know the temptation will be great. And I know I'm crazy for trying again, but I really think it's the key. If I can kick the sweets, I think the rest of the refined carbs will follow. I don't love bread, rice, and potatoes. Just all things made with flour and sugar! It's a start, one that I hope I can maintain!


  1. You are so right and I'm on board with you. Sugar is so tempting and easy. I need to quit the habit also, but it's hard when other's around you crave the sweet stuff too. As I sit here and drink my hot chocolate, I make a vow as of this moment to stop me sugar dependency. This is it. I will savor this last sweet drink and no sweets for the holidays.

  2. I think cutting out sugar for now is a great idea. I know for myself when I first started losing weight it was something I had to do. With the daily 30 min walk the weight just started drifting down for me so I'm sure it will help you too. I agree too that the cravings will go down the more days you get under your belt. Stay strong! :)

  3. Hollie,
    I want to say I like that you are being open and honest about what you're going through and your struggles, wants, desires and fears. Its a good thing to be this open and honest. i know for me that once I understood what weight loss was all about, I could continue with some of the things I liked and still maintain a balanced lifestyle and a slim waist line. It took work, don't let me say it didn't, but I had to be willing to listen to others and try something that no one put in front of me before. For me, I found out about a few secrets that aren't on any infomercials that allow me to still eat stuff I crave (yes I said the C word) on Christmas. I'm a firm believer in in the firming up of the health of my body's organs so they can better process my body's exercise and increase my body's metabolism. I'm a believer in this because I found out how to do it and it has changed everything about how I do everything in my life. I think I can live to be 100 now. I'm not spamming you Hollie, here is a link that will tell all of what I am talking about. Good luck to you and keep talking about how things are going, and how Christmas was for you.

  4. You know, there are other options that will allow you to not have to cut out sugar. I know of at least one system you can watch a video on that allows you to get back some of what you are missing out on. Its a video to watch but its worth it. It was worth it for me and I never have to cut out anything again. We have different stories but they are still a little the same. I used to cut out everything until I realized it wasn't what I was eating or how I exercised, it was the level of toxicity that you liver was effected by. If my liver is toxic, my body can't break down the things that end up getting mistaken for fat to be stored. Once I learned how to keep my organs clean, I began to shed weight even if I went on a sugar binge. Sugar isn't my problem anymore. No my problem is continuing to keep my organs clean and developing that pattern. Having that pattern is what sets my path for being the person I want to be. Here's the like I used to get this thing started for me. hope you enjoy it too.

  5. Hi There, Why don't you try to eat 6 small meals a day. It will help boost your metabolism and lose weight easily

  6. Hi Hollie!

    I love my sweets as well and know how challenging this can be. I'm a personal trainer and graduate student in Kinesiology, and what I recommend to anyone trying to change a behaviour is to set very small goals that you definitely will achieve and keep making them bigger and bigger until your body has normalized.

    You didn't go into how you are going to give up sugar, but I highly recommend not giving it up cold turkey as this 95% backfires.

    So start small, maybe set 1-2 days a week where you are sugar-less, if you do that for 2 weeks successfully, up the anty to 3-4 days. However, if you relapse it's important not to beat yourself up and try again the following week. When setting your goals make the initial days on days of the week you are mostly likely to be successful.

    If you'd like to chat more feel free to email me @ I also have a fitness blog myself and talk about goal setting quite a bit!

    Keep your chin up and good luck on your journey!


  7. Cheering you on from New York Hollie. I also started my get healthy plan pre-New Year - didn't want to wait another minute. We're going to be brilliant successes Hollie I just know it ;)

  8. I'm doing the same thing. Re-removing sugar from my life. IT's a hard time of year, but to be honest, if I can do it during the holidays, even with a mess up here or there, then I KNOW I can do it any other time :) Good luck!

  9. Hi there, so i follow you on facebook and on this blog, i saw that you were doing this and i plan on doing the same thing. Everytime i read your blog its like your in my head! i guess im not alone in this wieghtloss journey! Once im done with sugar (in about 1-2 months) i will switch all my white foods to brown foods.

  10. I just found your blog and I am so happy I did! I am also working on a healthier lifestyle and there are so many challenges! I can't wait to read through all of your posts and follow you on your journey. I am blogging about my journey as well. I am new to blogging, so mine probably sucks lol but it is more for keeping me focused on on track than anything else. Good luck with cutting out sugar!

  11. Wht an inspiration!!! In the past I've substituted a small glass of juice for sugar...however, now I'm post pregnancy and seem to be on a permanent sugar high. My poor husband is trying to stay healthy but I'm such a bad influence! Thank you for the inspiration!


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