Sunday, September 16, 2012

Like my life depends on it...

Sorry for the long stretch again... It's so hard to blog when I want to. Between lesson planning, sports, and actually trying to get to bed at a decent hour... it's hard. There are DAYS when I don't even open my laptop. That used to be unheard of!

To give you an update... Paleo is great. My body really responded by cutting out processed food, bread, and sugar. I also cut out most dairy (I used a little cheese and some cream for my coffee). My energy was through the roof, my hunger was gone. I didn't even have cravings. I even lost 5 lbs my first week...

But then I stopped. Why? Umm... I don't know. I have a million excuses. But that's all they are. Family drama, work stress, laziness... Last week was horrible. I ate terribly. I didn't drink water. I didn't exercise. I just didn't get it together.

I really tried to do some mental "cleaning" this weekend to figure out WHY I do this to myself. For God's sake... STOP BUYING ICE CREAM. IT DOES NOT MAKE THINGS BETTER.

But I already know I'm my own worst enemy.

I need discipline. I seem to have it in almost any other area of my life when it counts. But not with eating. Not long-term.

I need to make changes and stick to them. I need to stop giving myself so many choices and excuses. If my life depended on it, would I still be eating ice cream? Would I still allow myself to eat pizza? If it was a matter of life or death, would I drink enough water or make it to the gym three times per week?

Yes, I would.

So that's my goal this week. Stop making excuses. Push myself to be disciplined in all areas of my life that matter. Stop being lazy.

I've done so well despite all the odds being stacked against me. Now that I've finally found something that's working, I am not going to let ME get in the way!


  1. It is hard though, isn't it? to make lifestyle changes like this? I have been generally paleo/primal since around the middle of January. I still struggle from time to time (vacation, over tired, etc.). But I know that when I get back on the path, i feel a lot better. I hope you can gain the focus you are looking for!

  2. I totally understand. Replace ice cream with chocolate and you're describing me. I need to quit keeping it in the house.

  3. Good for you, Hollie. Glad you had a good Paleo experience. I will say that the longer you go wheat and processed sugar free, the less the cravings are.

    It gave me time to practice stress relief without food. Hard to do, but eating from a paleo /primal template really helped.

    Good luck re-starting. I'm rooting for you. Karen P

  4. I've been making all kinds of excuses, too. What's the secret to staying on track until you meet your goal? Let know if you figure it out.

  5. Its so easy for us to make excuses then it is for us to do something about what we want to change. I hope you find the willpower and are able to stop making excuses this week.

  6. I am the same way - I go all gung ho, do great, then all of a sudden the bags of Bugels somehow mysteriously end up not only in my shopping cart, but also into my house - wtf?

    I've been exercising, which is good for me - if I don't exercise I tend to eat like shit because why does it matter? But when I work out I second guess my eating, take a step back and think, "do I really want to eat that and make your 45 minute workout a wash?" The answer is always no.

    Hope you are having a good week this week!

  7. Hugs Hollie! Come back and update again when you can :)

  8. Oh I hear you. Motivation - if only it were bottled! Good luck

  9. Wow, I'm so glad that I came across this post today. I just started my weight loss journey, and started a blog to build a support system. Please check out my blog and join me. You are right Hollie, discipline is so important. I need to stop having excuses too!

  10. This is a really hard challenge, right? When your enemy is you own self. With this, you really need a very good self-discipline to overcome you weakness and achieve your goal. And I recommend green tea for weight loss.

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  12. So glad to see that you have found something that seems to be working. You have to have an iron will when you go shopping and it helps if you have a list.

  13. Powerful words, I had the same problems most of the time our biggest person holding us back is our own self. Great read, stay focused. Excuses get two thumbs down.

  14. Again, proud of you as always. Keep up the good work and don't let the occasional setbacks get you down.

    Had to start a new blog at as blogspot dropped my blog. I will be linking back to your blog again in a couple of days. You might not realize it, but the way you keep on trying is a great example for many people.


  15. I would like to work-out a little ..

    thats my goal this week .. just like every other week ..

    Simple Weight Loss

  16. This is awesome! I wish you the best of luck in all your health and fitness goals! It's always hard to change eating habits for the better. I really hope you and all your readers can continue to have amazing success in every endeavour.

    I have always found that really loving yourself and realizing your self worth are key to maintaining any kind of physical improvement plan. After all, you deserve to live as healthily as you desire don't you?

    I have always loved the challenge of being as healthy as possible. I have always had a lot of fun with activities. So I have decided to try and do my part to help out anyone who will listen. I have started a blog at and I would love it if anyone would check me out. I have just started posting, so I don't have much yet, but I intend on collecting a huge amount of ways to incorporate physical activity into your life, fitness tips, sporting tips, and inspiration to follow through with your goals. You can all do anything you put your mind to! You rock!

  17. Hollie,

    Have you heard about Ferveo?
    Check it out.

    Jim Roguski

  18. Hollie
    I completely understand this weight loss battle. I am up and down like a yoyo and true to my heart I know that weight loss is simply eat less and move more. Unfortunately I just can't seem to do this. I am trying a new approach, I want to be healthy... and my food choices have to be realistic and last a life time so tonight I drink wine and tomorrow I work out.. I want you to know that you are gorgeous and you will do what you are ready to do. It is like when I quit smoking, I tried and I tried and it never worked and one day something clicked and that was it. I would like to start a team of all the bloggers that are trying to lose weight so we can support eachother. I would love if you could follow my blog and brind some friends along. We need a central area so we can all support eachother.

    This is my blog , good luck I hope to see you there.


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