Sunday, September 16, 2012

Like my life depends on it...

Sorry for the long stretch again... It's so hard to blog when I want to. Between lesson planning, sports, and actually trying to get to bed at a decent hour... it's hard. There are DAYS when I don't even open my laptop. That used to be unheard of!

To give you an update... Paleo is great. My body really responded by cutting out processed food, bread, and sugar. I also cut out most dairy (I used a little cheese and some cream for my coffee). My energy was through the roof, my hunger was gone. I didn't even have cravings. I even lost 5 lbs my first week...

But then I stopped. Why? Umm... I don't know. I have a million excuses. But that's all they are. Family drama, work stress, laziness... Last week was horrible. I ate terribly. I didn't drink water. I didn't exercise. I just didn't get it together.

I really tried to do some mental "cleaning" this weekend to figure out WHY I do this to myself. For God's sake... STOP BUYING ICE CREAM. IT DOES NOT MAKE THINGS BETTER.

But I already know I'm my own worst enemy.

I need discipline. I seem to have it in almost any other area of my life when it counts. But not with eating. Not long-term.

I need to make changes and stick to them. I need to stop giving myself so many choices and excuses. If my life depended on it, would I still be eating ice cream? Would I still allow myself to eat pizza? If it was a matter of life or death, would I drink enough water or make it to the gym three times per week?

Yes, I would.

So that's my goal this week. Stop making excuses. Push myself to be disciplined in all areas of my life that matter. Stop being lazy.

I've done so well despite all the odds being stacked against me. Now that I've finally found something that's working, I am not going to let ME get in the way!

Sunday, September 2, 2012


I can't believe it's been almost two weeks since my last post. I knew it had been a while... but not that long.

Life has been hectic. The school year always brings on craziness and busy schedules. I have one child doing wrestling conditioning after school, two kids in soccer, one kid in cheer, and one kid getting reading for her first performance in her theater troop. Luckily, I've been able to juggle all of this with little to no stress, and still be able to fit in (semi) healthy dinners and working out. I guess that's where the blogging falls short. I am thankful to have help and a support system this year. Mr. L is really stepping up to the plate. I am grateful, and thankful to not have so much on my shoulders. Life is good.

But I have NOT been losing weight. Probably, because I am NOT really following any eating plan or counting calories. Weight Watcher's was a waste of money. Their database sucks, and even thought I heard that you could scan items in with the app, I don't have that option. So what ended up happening was that I wouldn't track, then just stopped tracking all together. I will probably go back to MFP. I was pretty happy their.

I am still keeping up with regular exercise, though. Still loving my bike. And my new gym is growing on me, but I've only been a few times since my afternoons are so full. So the other morning I had the idea to start getting up earlier (I've been getting up at 5:00 - 5:15 since this summer) and go at 4:30 when they open. I did this on Thursday and it worked out just fine! My nephew even went with me. Now that I have trained my body to get up early (I even get up early on weekends), it's not hard to get up, and I think it will be a good solution for getting gym time in.

I made up my mind about a week ago to use this 3-day weekend to research and plan another course of action for weight loss. I am not giving up, and vow over and over again to keep trying something until it works. Well, I think I've pinpointed a few things that are pointing me to the Paleo diet.

1. I do NOT eat enough fruit/veggies. Even though I try to stay away from processed food, I still end up there.
2. I do NOT eat enough protein (unless you count protein powder, which is processed, and I have not been using that lately).
3. Since I am doing well with menu planning and cooking dinner since school started, it shouldn't be hard to cook Paleo-friendly foods.
4. Even if I can't be 100% Paleo, it will help me eat clean and cut out carbs/sugar... which I still think is part of the puzzle for me. My goal is to be 85% Paleo (since I know I might sneak some cheese in there sometime).
5. I really need to learn to eat veggies. I only like a few vegetables, and don't know how to cook them, either. So today, I decided to go veggie shopping at the farmer's market so I can practice!

My friend, Brooke, has been doing Paleo for a couple of months and loves it. What's not to love, really? It's healthy food. No process. And it's supposed to help with all types of ailments. So who knows? It might help cure something that is keeping me from losing weight. I know I need to eat healthier foods. This is going to be a start. I don't think giving up dairy or grains will kill me. And I need to give up sugar anyway. Seems like a win-win. Wish me luck.