Sunday, August 12, 2012


Some days when I wake up, I feel a little more determined than others. Today, as I was talking to my daughter, I realized that I have CONSISTENTLY been on track with diet and exercise since my birthday on May 26. There, of course, have been days that I have eaten terribly. There have been days that I didn't work out when I should have. But overall, I have been on track.

I can't say that there have been more than two days straight where I haven't been focused on the right path. Whatever that is at the time. Visalus, counting calories, eating clean, low carb, Weight Watcher's... I have been having a hard time finding the "perfect" plan, but I can say with honestly that I've been trying.


God, how I have just been striving for consistency.

I've even been fairly consistent in workouts. The first two weeks back to work were rough, but I was back on track with exercise this week thanks to my new bike. I LOVE riding. Besides going swimming, I haven't even been to the new gym yet. My afternoons this week have been spent riding my bike around my neighborhood.

This morning Mr. L and I went EIGHT MILES in just over an hour. We rode in a big circle around our town. Toward the end I was really tired, but I never once wanted to stop. I felt so accomplished after I was done. In one week I've went from riding up and down my street for 5 minutes at a time to riding an 8-mile course that took an hour. Wow. I am pretty proud of myself.

And apparently I have many friends out there that are proud of me, too. A couple of times I've been told that I am an inspiration. That's hard to believe. Me, inspiring? The girl who has dieted all summer with no real weight loss? Me? I just have to shake my head and smile. Wow... that's an amazing compliment.

I am finally in a good place where I am feeling a little less urgent about what the scale says and more in tune to how I feel. My bike rides yesterday afternoon and this morning left me feeling so strong. For someone 300+ lbs, I feel so blessed to have a body that can still work and function like it should. I am beginning to love to exercise, and crave it when I'm not doing it.

The food... well, I am still at war with what I eat but Weight Watcher's is helping me. Last week was rough as far as tracking and staying within my points, but I did like the freedom. I didn't feel like I was stressed out about my choices, or restricted in any way. I have figured out (again) that the days that I have a good lunch packed and lots of fruit that I have no problem staying within my points. I did a lot of grocery shopping this weekend to make sure I have plenty of choices and easy options to grab and go for work. I am expecting a good week.

I am also going to stay away from the scale for a while longer. I don't want that thing to mess with this good feeling I've got going. WHEN I start losing weight again, my clothes will tell me. Until then, I am just going to keep going. Eventually, I will get there.


  1. Good for you! Consistency is definitely the key! And weight watchers definitely helps if you stick with it!

    Good luck with your journey I'm your newest follower :)

  2. Amen to staying away from the scale, Hollie!

    When I am not feeling good about myself, when I feel "fat", that scale gives me exactly what I expect it too. It confirms those feelings.

    Some may say, "But scales are just telling you 'what it' ".

    And I'll counter by saying that there is no such thing as "what is". "What is" is what we believe it to be.

    Now I'm not claiming that I can wave a mental magic wand and, poof, what I see will automatically become what I truly desire. But I sure as heck am saying that I can slowly change my beliefs and see a different reality. In fact, I'm doing it right now.

    And, before I got "there" with my beliefs about my weight, I chose to avoid painful things like scales and mirrors (unless I was feeling good about my body and myself).

    Still do that too. Because I'm not "cured".

    Thank you for the post and glad to hear from you!

  3. love it!! consistency is the key!! keep it up!!

    And you are inspiring!!

  4. I lso agree with staying away from the scale.

    I've been on the Jenny Craig plan for almost a month now (lost weight 2 weeks, gained 1), and even on the week where I gained, I knew my body was reshaping/toning as my pants are starting to fit a little looser around the waist (not the hips unfortunately, but I'll take what I can get).

    The scale/weight loss doesn't tell an accurate story, it mainly tells you how much water you are retaining this week!

  5. You are so awesome! Look forward to your blogs!

  6. I definitely hear you on feeling like you are at war with your food. I feel the same way. WW is helpful tho since you are allowed to eat normal foods, it's just letting yourself eat them and not feel guilty that is somewhat hard sometimes. Love that quote!

  7. Hi Hollie,

    Great post love your blog, really inspiring. I just started my own weight loss blog, keep up the great work!

  8. Hollie, I totally agree with you! BACK AWAY FROM THE SCALE!!!! lol. I too am focused totally on staying active and how good it feels when I do. it so much more fun than watching the scale!! Oh and congrats on your 8 miles!! way to go!!

  9. Good luck with WeightWatchers. I have been reviewing some of their recipes recently - you can see them on the following WeightWatchers reviews page. I hope this helps you to make good meal choices.

  10. Hello, my name is Fernanda and I just started writing my own blog about my journey to weight loss. I would love to ask for some support as I am knew to this =) Thanks

  11. Consistency is tough, but so important! Everything in moderation :)That's why I did the HCG diet-it was fast, and less time for me to screw up lol which I talk about on y blog too. Great job though!

  12. Hi Hollie and followers! I recently purchased The Paleo Guide to Healthy Living, it has really helped me to make better choices! Check it out here through my link, happy dieting! :)

  13. Awesome progress glad to see you moving forward or should I say rolling on. Keep riding high (and away from the scale).


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