Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 52 - Not Giving Up

Feeling a little discourage today. I am still not feeling any visible progress. And after peeking at the scale at the gym yesterday, the scale hasn't moved, either.

What the HELL am I doing wrong? Is my body just this cruel?

Since I started back to using MFP on June 18 (22 days ago), I have logged in every single day to count calories. I have logged in exercise for 15 of those days. I started out at 1900 calories, and lowered it to 1700 just the other day thinking maybe 1900 was too many. I tried doing an 1+ hrs of cardio daily, then dropped down to 30+ minutes plus weights. Heavy weights that challenge me. Harder cardio... now I am doing intervals that kick my butt.

I feel so much better - physically. But why isn't my body changing?

My diet has NOT been perfect, but I have counted every single calorie and haven't gone over by much - even on days when I've been out of town. I am still drinking my Vi-shakes. I am eating fruit and veggies like crazy. Almost no processed food anymore.

But I am doing something wrong. I am still so unsure of how many calories I am supposed to eat with all the exercise I'm doing. Do I eat my calories? Or not? Or some? MFP calculates it, but I don't know whether to put in "light activity" or "sedentary". I started with "light activity" which gave me around 1900 k-cal, but I changed it to "sedentary" the other day to lower it to almost 1700 k-cal. Right now, I am going to stick with it and try my best not to go over. I am also not going to eat any of my exercise calories.

The 2nd month of my challenge is almost over and it makes me so frustrated that I'm not getting the progress I expected.

The only thing that I am glad about is that I feel like I am forming good habits. Counting calories and exercising are seeming very routine to me right now. And that is good.

I have a bow order that I HAVE to finish this morning, so I need to get busy.

I'm going to keep moving forward! Something HAS to give.


  1. I think that you said it in your post...about feeling better than ever. I think too often the focus is on weight & physical changes, when what you are doing for your health is more important. Maybe let it be.
    I do offer a some suggestions which you may already know. First make sure you are getting enough water (the more you move the more you need) and not too much salt. Secondly, relax & eat realistically. More exercise does require more energy and a calorie is a unit of energy...too few no loss just as too many. And lastly, give your body time to adjust. Changing too frequently too often will shock your body. Give each adjustment time.
    Wish you well!

  2. With all this healthy eating and exercise - how do you feel? Are you more energetic? How are you sleeping? More restful? Overall, are you happy? Maybe that's what you need to focus on and less on the numbers. I do think over time you will lose wieght (I am NO expert!!), but for some people it just takes time. Sort of foucs on the journey not the destination.

    Have you had your thyroid checked? I have had several friends - all female - who have had issues with their's and had weight issues.

    Once again - I'm not expert!! Good luck!

  3. Stop drinking the Vi Shakes and eat normal, well balanced FOOD. You will see changes. You can't drink shakes for the next 30 years. It's not practical.

  4. I too have some of the same questions regarding the caloric intake and exercise. Sometimes I just feel so hungry

  5. MFP only does it's best to estimate calories needed. You might want to consider having your RMR tested (most gyms offer it) to really get an idea of what your minimum calories should be.

    MFP tells me I should be eating about 1800 to lose 2lbs a week. I can't lose weight at that number, no matter what I do. So I had to take my calories down to 1500, sometimes eating exercise calories, and started to see progress. Having logged for years and watching the pattern of my success, I realized that when I consume carbs that aren't from veggies and berries (not all fruits as they're a bit too high) is when I lose weight. It's possible you're just not getting the right balance of carbs/fat/protein for your chemistry.

    I'm sure you're adding muscle, so some weight has shifted, but until you take measurements you won't see it.

    Hopefully things work out - your hard work WILL pay off :)

  6. but u r better than u were yesterday! :) I'm very proud of u. have been following your journey and ur not out of this fight yet! Keep on keepin on?

  7. Hi hollie. I just found your blog. Some tips: if you are lifting weights that are a challenge but can get through your reps and it's atleast 3x's a week then you are adding muscle. Put that scale in the closet for a month! That's right a month. Your cardio is way too much in one session. If its high intensity interval training you have to keep it under 40 mins. Ideally if it's super tough 25 is more than sufficient. You'll burn calories long after you've finished your workout. Protein with every meal, about 4 oz. a little fruit but not after lunch, sweet potato, and something green. A gallon of water plus a lil more for workouts. High intensity 3 times a week with a day of rest inbetween, the other days can be steady state cardio. Keep your meals the same for about 3 weeks. One cheat meal just one meal on the night u prefer. Hope this helps.

  8. I agree with what has already been said. I esp. agree with the comment about stopping the Vi shakes. Someone recently approached me about "the 90 day challenge" and when I realized what it was all about, I ran for the hills. Here's the thing, whatever you do to lose the weight is the same thing you'll have to do to keep it off and shakes are not the way to go...just my 2 cents. God created us to eat food not drink shakes.

    Relax and enjoy the process. Take notice of all the changes in your body, in your thinking and in your ability to do different things. I totally agree with the comment that it's about the journey not the destination (this is so my philosophy).

    My fitness pal is great for tracking and encouraging, but one of the things I would say is not all calories are created equal. The "quality" of what you're eating is most important and nutrient density should be the goal.

    Are you fueling your body throughout the day with 5-6 small meals? Are you drinking half your body weight in water? Are you eating protein and fiber at every meal? Does your food have color, specifically dark greens?

    Sounds like you have the exercise under control. Consider switching up your routine every 3-4 weeks so that your body doesn't get used to it. Does your routine have a nice balance of cardio, strength training, flexibility and balance?

    Lastly, I would say the two main ingredients needed for the journey are consistency and patience. You can do it! Unfortunately, the process involves ups, downs and stalls, but don't let the frustrations of the "process" derail you. Keep moving, keep pressing, and keep inspiring all of us with your journey.


  9. hiii!! I'm new around here, stumbled across your blog.
    Anyway, I think it sounds like you are doing awesome! counting calories is rough business, i get so confused when I do it. I should probably start back up, but it is very difficult when you are making recipes at home. That is what gets me.
    Anyway, I just wanted to stop in and say hi!

  10. please don't give up. read some weight loss success stories, it may help to motivate you.

  11. Try Sparkpeople.com I think you are eating too many calories. I eat 1800 but I am breastfeeding- without that I would be at 1200-1300. Don;t eat the calories you burn off in exercise. It just doesn't work like that! :) I know it's hard!! I would also stay away from the shakes. Our bodies hate processed food.

  12. i have always been told that sometimes if you do the same work out routine, over and over. Your body gets used to it because it's the "norm". Maybe if you try switching up what equipment you use you may possibly notice a difference in appearence!!

    Keep up the good work, your doing awesome!

  13. Hi Hollie - i've been following your blog for a while and I admire your will power. In fact - you have inspired me to start a similar journey. Regarding the weight - do you notive any changes in the way your clothes fit? Try some small outfits that you stopped using.

  14. Keep up the good work Hollie!!!! I am trying to fight my way through weight loss as well. It helps to read other's struggles as well...



  15. Way to go Hollie! You are an inspiration to others. I myself am on a weight loss journey and have been for well over 8 years now and have never been more committed and excited about getting my life back and becoming healthy again! I saw the comment in regards to you not being able to drink shakes for the next 30 years. As true as that is....shakes, weight loss meds, medical procedures etc give most person who are serious about losing weight and getting back to a healthier state of living a little push! So honey if shakes is what is helping you then by all means "shake it up". I myself am taking an all natural pill called Skinny Fiber and I love it.(http://gettewskinny.sbc90.com/)
    I take it twice a day with water and keep it moving.

    Keep pushing and striving to reach whatever goals you have set for yourself and if you have a minor set back remember that tomorrow is a new day and you can pick right back up and start again! Happy Healthy Journey!! Keep inspiring others:)

  16. never give up attitude is the main thing of any success. agree with you.

  17. Keep pushing for our goals! good luck and never give up. Keep the good attitude!


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