Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day 46 - What I learned in Memphis...

On Monday I went on a last-minute road trip with my bff (Brooke). We drove down to Memphis because her sister-in-law was there on business and we wanted to get some "girl time" before we both turn into teachers again later this month!

Although I didn't have a lot of time, I made sure I packed healthy snacks, water, Vi-shakes, and my mini blender for the trip. I wanted to stay on track, even though I knew there would probably be a few meals out. 

I even packed a yummy salad for lunch on the way down there!

Going out of town is tough, but roadtrips are even harder for me. I am drawn to sodas and chips and sweets from convenient stores and gas stations. I also tend to eat a lot of fast food on road trips, especially when my kiddos are not along. But this time I am proud to say that I resisted temptation!

Brooke is also on this journey with me, so it was great to have that extra accountability. She is doing the Paleo diet, and she also had her snacks and food with her on the trip. Yesterday we both got up and hit the gym at the hotel and had a great workout!

We ate out and had cocktails both nights, but neither of us felt bad about it because it was planned. I learned that when you eat well all day and actually plan a "cheat meal", there is not the same level of guilt that you usually feel. I knew both times that I would pick back up at the next meal and start doing well again. And I really don't felt like I overate... both times I stopped when I was full. It wasn't the beginning of a binge, and it wasn't the end of the world. It was special occasion and just that.

I also learned a few other things in Memphis that were pretty deep. On Monday night we drove down to Tunica, MS to the casino. I don't really gamble, so a lot of the time I sat and just "observed" the people around me. I was overwhelmed by the number of overweight, unhealthy-looking people that were there. I was also saddened by the number of elderly people that were drawing 100's of dollars out of the atm to gamble away. In no way do I mean to judge these people, or claim to know what is REALLY going on in their lives. But I still felt bad for a lot of them after I left. 

But I also felt good about making good choices while I was there. I know I am getting stronger... mentally and physically. This is finally FEELING like a lifestyle change. 46 days into this challenge and I know that good habits are forming. This is my FOURTH consecutive week of regular exercise. I have logged into MyFitnessPal to journal my food and exercise for 18 days in a row! I have tossed out my scales (finally) and have started to focus on the journey and not the numbers.

I am doing pretty darned good!

Speaking of the numbers... I have decided to start strength training using weights. Now that I am not afraid of the scale fluctuation that comes with weights, and due to the fact that tons of cardio doesn't seem to be working, I think that weights might be a good option right now. I am reading so much about "fat burning" as opposed to just "losing weight" and I think that sounds like a good idea. I picked up this book the other day and I love it!


Several people left great comments after my post about eating my calories. I am really starting to get on board with the fact that really restricting calories is not the way to go. I am not 100% sure that I should eat as many calories as some groups/sites recommend, but I will definitely not be going under my 1900/day right now. I have also cut my cardio to 30-40 minutes instead of 60-75 now that I am weight training. Hopefully I will see some results soon.

If not, then I will re-evaluate again. Right now, I am more focused on BEING CONSISTENT! If I am working out and eating right, everything will eventually fall into place. I have to believe that!


  1. I use MFP I love it and I'm really getting on well with it, add me if you wish I'm sleepyjean88 :) So far I've lost 37 pounds!

    Also I do the planned cheat meal, I find it helps me to stay on track and I agree the I dont feel as guilty as when I binge on horrible food :)

  2. Hey dear! I'm so happy about you and your blog inspires me a lot!

    I blog about a lot of things but I post a lot of healthy choices that may help you and give you ideas, as you just gave to me! It's cool to exchange experiences with other bloggers so I hope to see you soon by and hear what you think.

    By the way I follow you now :)

  3. Hey there! I love your blog its given me so many interesting little ideas as I'm a weight loss blogger myself so I just wanted to say thank you :D very inspiring!

  4. Hey you were in Memphis! fun!

    So, the old people in Tunica, I don't feel bad for them. Haha. At least not usually because I know that the old people from the town I'm from near Memphis get bused there for senior outings/fun trips. My neighbor used to go once a week. They do that and bingo. Haha. ;)

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  6. That salad is mouth watering. I love the fact that you care so much not only to yourself but as well as to others. I think we all feel sorry for those people, elderly or not so elderly, who gamble. Like you, I don't judge them but I just feel that they're wasting their money into something not good for them.


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