Monday, May 14, 2012

Putting my money where my mouth is...

Sorry I haven't posted regularly in a while. It is the end of the school year - only 8 school days left after today! It's been stressful, but I have almost made it.

Over the past few weeks I have had a lot of wheels turning in my brain about weight loss and what my plan is going to be for the summer. I have planned vacation for the 1st week of June but the rest of the summer is free and clear. I know I will have several in-service days, but besides that the summer is mine!

Funny how God works, but He has brought several people back around over the past few weeks that seem to fit into my weight loss equation in some way. One person is a former neighbor who is now a physical trainer, and she offered to help me with training. TWO neighbors have asked if I would start walking with them. And one person has started this new weight loss program and is so excited about the results.

He is so excited about this 90-day challenge he is doing that he has convinced me to try it, too.

It's Body By Vi.

When he first approached me a month or so ago, I was still doing the Slim Fast challenge and declined. So then ANOTHER friend from high school approached me about Body By Vi the same week. He was also excited about his progress. But it was then that I started doing a little bit of research. Over the years SO MANY PEOPLE have approached me through the blog or Facebook about this program... Especially when I started doing the Slim-Fast plan. It wasn't until these two different friends endorsed the product that I seriously considered it.

Since then my friend (Ron) has convinced me to give it a try. I ordered my kit last night. No endorsement or sponsorship. I forked out my own cash for once!

I think I am just ready for something new and different. And the whole 90-day Challenge is exciting. I did really well with my own 30-day challenge... so a 90-day challenge seems like it will push me to another level. ESPECIALLY during summer break. I will finally have the TIME to spend on ME. I can go to the gym when I want... I can walk with my neighbor at night if I want. I will have time to make my shakes without having to rush or worry about being late. AND I have a friend who is also on the plan who I KNOW will push me. I am excited.

That's why I want to start now. I can get a 2-week head start and I even plan on staying on plan during vacation. Honestly, giving myself permission to eat like crazy on vacation NEVER works out for me. I end up sick, tired, and miserable with heartburn every time! And if I remember correctly, the resort where we are staying even has a gym. Sounds like a sign!


  1. Good luck with your new plan! I'm also using meal replacement shakes at the moment but mine is total meal replacement (VLCD).

    I think you're very wise intending to stay on plan on vacation. I find I'm my own worst enemy on diets, especially when I give myself periods 'off' of a diet and permit myself to splurge on food. The food is never as good as you think it will be, and you always feel rotten afterwards!

    I hope your 90 day challenge works well for you and look forward to hearing about your results :)

  2. I'm a Body by Vi distributor and it's the best product I've ever tried. As a fellow weight loss blogger, I'm excited to see your results. You'll do great!

  3. I'm a distributor as well and the 90 day challenge is the best thing that has ever happened to me! ;)

  4. Sounds like more than a coinky-dink to me! I know you'll make the most of it. Good luck!


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