Sunday, May 20, 2012

Good Sunday - Body By Vi Day 1

Today has been a great day! I was able to sleep in, catch up on some blogging and reading, and I was also able to read more about this new 90-day Challenge I am doing. Today was DAY 1.

I must admit... I really didn't know what I was getting into when I signed up! Nothing bad... but so much good stuff! I didn't know that you could actually win prizes! And it's for real. I called my friend, Ron, to confirm a few things that I read on the website and he said he'd personally met people at the rally that had totally changed their lives. It is really inspiring. And I have been finding all kinds of yummy shake combinations online. I went grocery shopping today to stock up on all the good stuff I need.

If Body By Vi is a bandwagon, I have jumped on it, lol.

But there is nothing wrong with that. I NEED to get motivated and excited again. Lately I've just been in a rut. I broke up with my Love, and that has really made me sad. Then my mom's condition is steadily getting worse... sad. Add end-of-the-school-year stress and the craziness of raising four kids by myself and maybe that's why I just can't focus. But good things are just around the corner.

My ex-husband has been out of jail for almost two months, and is actually helping me with the kids... both financially and as a parent should. As his situation improves, I am hoping the kids will be able to spend more time with him. Giving me more time to myself, and more time to concentrate on me. This might sound selfish, but I think that moms need to be selfish in this way sometimes!

Just the thought of getting focused again with my diet and fitness goals makes me very happy. Of course... things can always come up. But this summer is really going to be the prime time to make this happen. It just seems like the stars are going to be aligned!

And as extra motivation... I really want to prove that I can do it. Lately, several comments by people (negative comments) have been rolling around. Apparently, some think the odds of me succeeding in my journey are very slim. Someone even told Ron that he shouldn't waste his time on me because I'm unable to stick with anything. Really? Hmmm... I admit they do have a point, but I know that I CAN and WILL do this. I will never stop trying until I get there.

And as I've blogged before... I KNOW this is my time. I feel it in my bones.

Last night I had girls night with my bff's and I had Prince's Hot Chicken... a Nashville TRADITION!

Let me tell ya... I paid for that meal this morning! I felt TERRIBLE. But I started my morning with a shake that tasted just like a frappucino, and all was well after that. I stayed ON PLAN all day, and feel great. I already have my lunch packed for work tomorrow. It's field day, so it's gonna be busy.

I have sat down and planned out my workouts for next week, too. I even went through my calendar (that I LIVE by) and charted out the next 90 days... looks like this challenge shall take me to August 17.

Well everyone... take a good look. This is me. For now. Watch me change!

If you want more info on Body By Vi and this 90-day challenge, please visit this website. If I get THREE people to try this challenge with me, I can get my shakes for FREE!


  1. Hello Hollie! I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog. You are such an inspiration to me! Good luck with the Challenge! I'm sure you'll do GREAT!

  2. I am so excited to see how you like Body By Vi! I actually have purchased it in March, and still haven't started the shakes! Gave one bag to my sister and still have an unopened bag. Anyway I enjoy your blog and read it all the time!

  3. Good luck with your challenge! Let your haters be your motivators! You can do it girl!!

  4. such a perfect blog honey =)

  5. I think you can do this. You are doing great. People will always talk just keep your head high.


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