Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day 25 - Great day for a hike!

Last weekend I felt like I really backslid a little, and it took a few days to really get back on track. Friday started my long-awaited Spring Break, and I am determined to make these next two weeks full of fitness and healthy eating.

Yesterday I ran errands all day, but ended the day with a nice 45 minute walk with several good hills. Last night my bestie called and asked if I wanted to go hiking with her today, so I figured why not!

I had no idea I was going to do the most physically challenging thing I've ever done.

I knew it was going to be hard as soon as we got there.

About half-way up the steps TO the trail I thought I was gonna die!

Once we got up the steps there was a paved road but you step off onto a trail that basically takes you down, then back up a mountain!

O. M. G.

I thought we were never gonna get to the top. We climbed and climbed and I was breathing so hard at times I thought my lungs were going to explode. And my legs felt like I couldn't take another step.

 But I made it to the top!

Somewhere along the way back down (which KILLED my knees) I saw this sign that said the trail was only 2.5 miles! Brooke confirmed it but I am not sure I want to believe her. It took us a total of 95 minutes.

But it was so worth it. I never expected to be able to do something like this at my size, but I did it! It was hard, but once again I proved I can do anything I set my mind to. I am stronger than I often give myself credit for.


  1. Beautiful place for a walk. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Enjoy your Spring Break!

  2. The hike sounds and looks wonderful. Hope your knees don't hurt too much and have a great march break.

  3. Walking and running are both very good for the health. You don't need special and expensive equipment. Good for you Hollie!

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  4. Way to go ! You are so blessed to have so much green so far- we are just starting to turn from drab brown to green here. Just walking with all that springtime is a reason to keep pushing on !

  5. Way to go Hollie! Best thing about warmer weather is a great way to mix up the exercise, especially cardio.

  6. I love hiking, and I love that you gave somewhere you didn't know a shot. Looks great!

  7. Hi!
    I just read your last three weeks (from you start of your 30 day commitment!) and just had to write.

    I am going to love keeping track of you and your blog as you lose your weight. You remind me of myself so much in your writing!

    I am excited for you and I am going to do a 30 day commitment soon myself!

    Hiking is getting more fun for me. The more weight I lose the more I want to walk! Everywhere. I was just on line looking up trails and found we have "rails to trails" that comes thru close to our neighborhood! I am going to go soon.

    Well great luck to you. Your blog is fantastic.


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