Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 7... Week 1 is a wrap!

I will be a success story (even though my boobs will never be that big and my waist will never be that small, lol)!

I did it... I made it ONE WHOLE WEEK on plan! No cheats, no excuses. I did it!

I have proved to myself that I CAN DO THIS. The next three weeks will just solidify that fact.


Last Thursday morning I weighed in at 315 (a horrible gain from days of binging). Today, I weighed in at 306.4. That is an 8.6 lb loss this week! I will definitely take it, even though I know a lot of that was water weight.

I journaled my food/calories 7/7 days this week!
I took my supplements 7/7 days this week!
I exercised 5/7 days this week! (180 minutes of exercise TOTAL)
I stayed within my calories (1800) all week! I averaged 1745 calories daily.

I am proud of myself. I really am. I am looking forward to another week. I know that if I keep this up that by the end of these 30 days I will be under 300 lbs! Yes!

I also had a NSV today... My youngest child got sick at school today... was running a fever and not feeling well. She's had a bad cough for a while, so I took her straight to the doctor after school (instead of going to the gym). Turns out she has bronchitis and a sinus infection. Poor baby.

Well, I came home and fixed dinner (spaghetti made with whole wheat pasta... first time trying it and it was good!). And after dinner guess what I did? I WENT TO THE GYM! I didn't get lazy once I was home, and I didn't use my sick child as an excuse. I made the time! And it was a great workout, too. Not hard like it was yesterday.

I am off to bed with my new Nook! I got a great deal from a co-worker yesterday... she got a Nook Color for Christmas, and was selling the one she had only got in September for $65, and that included a nice leather case. I love to read, and never make time for it... well, that's changing, too! I am slowly realizing that I need to squeeze some "me time" in my busy schedule. I can't be everything to my kids all the time if I don't take some time for myself. I am worth it.


  1. I have a nook too! My bf got it for me and I love it :)

    Congratulations on having such a fabulous week! Good for you. 8.6 lbs is TREMENDOUS!

    Have a wonderful rest of the week.

  2. Yes you are definitely worth it!!! Never lose sight of that!

  3. You've inspired me to work out after I put my baby to bed tonight :). Amazing job this wishes to you!

  4. Great job on your solid week!!!

    You know you can do it!

  5. You are on fire! Way to go!! Keep that momentum going and you will be under 300 lbs in no time. :-)

  6. 8.6 is just madness! That's fantastic! Now just keep going :D

  7. Good job! I manage to track 3 days out of the week. I have yet to go all 7 days. 180 minutes of working out... is that per day or total for whole week?

  8. Congratulations on all of your success and thank you for the wonderful inspiration!

  9. Congratulations! It's so hard to get back on the wagon. My pregnant high weight was 382 - nope, not kidding. I'm still plugging along at 255(ish)lbs. I just found your blog (and fb page!) I'll be following both Thanks :D

  10. Congrats!!!!
    You're and inspiration!

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