Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 14... 2 weeks down!

Do you like my new blog design? I love it! Thanks to Jen at Just Foolin' Blog Designs for hooking it up!

Man, I AM TIRED! Today was a ROUGH day, and I feel like this week has already been too long. Two more days... I can do it! But I will be very glad to go to bed tonight. I had so much going on right after school, that it was after 6 p.m. before I made it to the gym. I had to really push myself to go. But I know already I will not be able to go tomorrow since I have to be in Nashville by 5 p.m. I wouldn't let my bad day, or my lack of energy, be an excuse. 20 min. on the bike, then 20 on the elliptical and I feel so much better for going.

Today is the end of week 2! I am still going strong and really proud of myself. This is already feeling "normal" to me, so I know that after two more weeks I will really be able to see this as a new way of life.

The numbers:

Last Wednesday I weighed in at 306.4, and today, I weighed in at 304.8. That is a 1.6 lb loss this week. I think that is just fine, being that I still have TOM, and the scale is just now moving from the TOM stall. That is an overall loss of 10.2 lbs. in 2 weeks. Not too shabby.

I journaled my food/calories 7/7 days this week!
I took my supplements 1/7 days this week - umm... got to get back on that!
I exercised 5/7 days this week! (185 total minutes)
I stayed within my calories (1800) all week! I averaged 1609 calories daily.

Hmmmn... I knew that my calorie count had been a little low this week. That may be another reason for my weight loss kind of stalling this week, too. When I exercise, my body needs all it's calories or the scale will be mean to me.

Goals for next week...
1. Try to get more water... I'm averaging 101 oz. daily, but I would like to be closer to 1/2 my body weight in oz, which is about 150 oz.
2. Add more "good" calories to stay closer to my 1800 calories allowance. Maybe an extra Slim-Fast?
3. Get back on my supplements! I know they work!

Overall, I am happy with my progress. Since starting the Slim-Fast plan, I've lost 11.2 lbs total (I would have lost more but I had a few bad weeks in February where I back-slid horribly). I've been on the 3-2-1 plan officially for 6 weeks. That's still 1.9 lbs per week, and it's better than making no progress at all, right?

I'm putting my calculator away (lol) and getting in the shower, and then hopefully going to sleep like a rock tonight! xoxoxo


  1. Great job!! It really does become a lifestyle change when you stuck with it. When I take a break, it takes me a while to get back in the groove.

  2. keep up the good work ...3 more months till summer can you imagine if oyu stickk with this and you lose 11 pounds per month thats 33 pounds ...

  3. LOVE the new lay out! I also like the little poster you put up. Keep at it Holli, you got this!

  4. Super cute blog design! Congrats on your success so far!

  5. 1.9 pounds is a great accomplishment!!! I always tell people, I didn't lose 130 pounds, I lost a tenth of a pound here and there until it added up to my end result. Every day and every ounce counts!!! Keep up the good work!

  6. I do, love the new layout! And, job well done with keeping up the momentum!! :-)

  7. Love the blog layout. Great layout on the lifestyle changes too. :)

  8. Stick to it! Numbers always help me stay on track and stay focused. Keep it up!

  9. Hi Hollie-

    Keep up the good work! Weight loss can be extremely frustrating, yet the reward is worth it. Your heart, mind and body will thank you. You go girl!

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