Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day 10... No excuses

Yesterday was rough. On Thursday night, my baby became violently ill. She pretty much had diarrhea and vomiting AT THE SAME TIME all night and most of the day yesterday. After talking back to the doctor twice, she advised me to take her to the ER because she was most likely dehydrated. And she was. Apparently the antibiotics they gave her for the bronchitis made her sick. So after 3 hours of IV fluids we got to come home.

Needless to say, I was a tired, frazzled wreck yesterday. No sleep Thursday night. TOM decided to come. Cleaning up vomit and poop all day. And my baby crying and begging me to take the pain away since her stomach cramps were severe. And right when I was walking out the door to go to the hospital, my son got off the bus and reported that a kid had been bullying him and called him the n-word. Great. Just great.

But somehow, out of pure will or motivation, or both, I managed to stay on plan. I packed Slim-Fast snack bars and a meal bar in my purse with a bottle of water and snacked on that during the hours I spent at the hospital (which would have been dinner time). When I got home it was late, so I ate a bowl of cereal for dinner and put everyone to bed. But before I went to bed I counted my calories and added up my numbers for the day... all within range except for my water. I only had 80 oz. yesterday. And I didn't get to go the gym.

So today was so much better. My baby is feeling much better, but still not 100%. I needed to run a few errands, so I decided while I was out and about that I would go to the gym. And I did! I can't remember the last time I went to the gym on a Saturday, but I know it's been a year or more. I got in 45 minutes of exercise, came home and took a shower, then went to the grocery store.

As I was walking to the grocery store, I realized that I felt great! My body just felt really good!

When I got back home, I was talking to my Love and I explained that a few weeks ago, this incident with my daughter being sick would have been an excuse for me to go off plan.. or to AT LEAST stop counting calories for the day. Eating out, or eating from a vending machine at the hospital would have been permissible, because I couldn't help it. I would have had an excuse, right?

But now I realize that I am tired of excuses. I am tired of letting circumstances keep my from my destiny. I am in control, and I have made the decision to stop making excuses for myself! I can do this, no matter what! And I proved that yesterday. With a little bit of preparation, and an ounce of willpower, I can tackle obstacles that come my way. And trust me, they will come! But you know what? It is possible to do anything I set my mind to. And right now? My mind is on reaching my fitness and weight loss goals. I am going to be healthy, and I am going to lose this weight. No excuses. It's done!


  1. Fantastic had many chances to go off plan yet you didn't! Preparation is definitely the key. You've inspired me to keep planning ahead :). I hope your baby gets well soon.

  2. Hey :o)
    I just stumbled onto your blog.
    You are doing a fantastic job on all counts! Keep up the good work.
    I nicked a few of your motivational pics too :oD

  3. Hi I just started my weight loss journey two week ago so far I've loss 5 pounds I would love if you could go check out my blog please :) thanks and keep up the good work

  4. I need to make myself have your motivation and will power.

    Just a comment on the babe being sick - antibiotics kill off the good and the bad bacteria.. So when someone takes antibiotics, it kills the good bacteria in the intestines. Kefir is a good way to reset that - or if the babe likes yogurt, that may help re-instate that good bacteria and help with a speedier recovery :)

    Keep up the amazing work! I'm starting a work-out schedule tonight. It takes 28 days to form a habit.. I'm going to have to muster up that willpower.. wish me luck!

  5. You are doing so incredibly well! Keep it up! Hope your baby gets well super fast!

  6. Excellent job, Hollie! Be proud! I hope your baby feels better very soon, and I hope you KICK SOME BUTT about that bullying!!

  7. Great job staying on plan. Sorry your girl was so sick and your son was bullied!!

  8. I think your doing a great job. Losing weight is very hard for many of us women today. I just wanted to share with you something that worked for me after having three children. I think you might find it very helpful. Check out
    Good luck and keep up the good work.


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