Monday, January 9, 2012


This is how I look and feel right now.

I went to the gym :) Finally! 30 minutes on the elliptical kicked my booty.

Today has been a good day. I was running late this morning, so I had to grab a Slim Fast instead of making a smoothie, which is fine because Slim Fast is my plan B. But I stuck with my lunch and didn't even eat all my snacks (will have them for tomorrow!). I ate a bowl of Kashi for dinner, and I still have about 400 calories to wiggle with. I am feeling pretty good right now.

It kinda sucks that it will probably be Friday before I will be able to get back to the gym, but that's okay. I will get there.

I also was thinking that I might get Just Dance or some other sort of dance game for the Wii. Honestly, that is a form of exercise that I could do with my kids and it be fun for both of us. As a single mom, I am always looking for was to spend quality time with my kids, so this just might be it! I am going to might go see if I can find one at GameStop when I pick up my nephew from wrestling in a bit.

I started using SparkPeople again today. I used it several years ago, but haven't used it lately. I was tracking with LiveStrong, but for some reason SparkPeople popped in my head today so I think I will try it for a while. I think I like it because they have an easy recipe builder, and I plan on cooking more.

**I just thought this would be a good time to mention that I don't eat fast food anymore. I haven't had McDonald's since this summer. 90% of our food comes from a grocery store, the other 10% is when we go out to eat on rare occasions. My family just doesn't eat fast food anymore since we watched Food, Inc. And that is a GREAT THING. I can't afford Organic food like I want, but I at least I don't have to battle with fast food anymore.**

I am going to start preparing for tomorrow. If I can get lunches packed and clothes ironed the night before, my mornings run so much better. And I really want to have time to make that smoothie tomorrow!


  1. Hello, I came across your page while searching for weight loss challenges. I have enjoyed reading your posts, as I am in the midst starting to train again. I look forward to reading more of your posts.


  2. That's exactly how I'm feeling today also! Just got to give myself the extra push to get over the starting hump of my workout! Good for you for making time, even as a busy single mom! That's dedication right there!

  3. That is so great about not eating Fast Food any more! I am vehemently against it myself and have not eaten at one in...well, I cannot remember.

    I try to do organic as well, but it is expensive. We ended up buying half a cow to avoid the cost of beef form a local, no antibiotic, free roaming farm. Then we try and grow as many of our veggies as well can - the kids help, so it is not too bad work wise.

    Being a single mom is tough - I remember, keeping pushing - you can do it!

  4. Not eating fast food for that long is awesome, I need some of your control! It really is horrible for you. Just Dance is a great way to exercise so is the Michael Jackson Experience game. Good luck!

  5. Hi I just found your blog. I want to see Food Inc. - my son saw it in school and said it was gross. Have you ever seen Forks Over Knives? I saw a post about it on Facebook and I found it on NetFlix. It was pretty shocking what our typical American diet is doing to us. I have been trying to lose weight too and I just started back using SparkPeople. I really like it and it has an app for my phone too. I enjoyed reading your post. Its nice to know I'm not alone. I have 50 pounds to lose.
    -- Linda

  6. Wow! Not having fast food is one great thing! :-)

  7. I don't know how you do it. Your life sounds so hectic! You are an amazing woman to be able to do all of that in one day. After reading what you do day in and day out I know that I CAN and WILL stick to my diet.

  8. We went a whole year and a half without eating McD's but somehow it's crept back in. Must ban it again I think!

    30 mins on the elliptical? DANG! Go girl!

    You'll love Just Dance. I have the first two and we're gonna get the third cos they're so much fun!

  9. I am taking a no eating out challenge for a year. I want to purge my body of the cravings I have from all the horrible fast food places.

    I also watched Food Inc and immediately started to eat as much organic as I could afford which isn't much. It is a good start though.

    Good job on your workout!

  10. Great elliptical workout. That thing kicks my butt so much more then the treadmill. Keep it up girl

  11. I feel about the same as you do! The elliptical always kicks my butt, especially today! I love reading your blog, you really help give me a kick in the butt when I need one! Check out my blog if you want!
    Can't wait to read more of how things are going for you!

  12. Fast food is my true nemesis. I love it. I love it so much, and yet I hate it, you know? It's sooo hard kicking that habit, and I don't think I'll ever NEVER do it again.

  13. Its the getting started that holds me back but you seem to have a plan in motion. I look forward to reading more on your progress. Good Luck! :)

  14. I bought my children Just Dance 2 and 3. We have been having these dance offs, and it has kicked my butt. My arms and legs have been sore for three days. I have still been going to the gym, but this game is a workout. Plus I get to spend time with my kids, and they are happier. Good luck on your journey, I started my a few months. You can do it!!

  15. Way to go Hollie... I came across your blog and your struggle seems more like the ones I am facing...will be posted for more

  16. Hi, I found your blog looking for inspiration to make my own, keep it going, I know what it is to make a plan and not stick to it, however I dont have kids, i'm not married, nothing so you made me feel soooooooo bad about myself with everything you do, I think I might get home and hop on the treadmill at least 20 min! thanks, keep on trying you will defnitly succed!!!!!


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