Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Another WINNER :)

Sorry... I know I should have posted this on the 12th, but life is unusually busy this month.

The winner of the Weight Watcher's scale is.....


That's all that was listed on the comment, and there is no email address attached. So if you are "S" please email me at skinnyhollie at gmail dot come so I can get your scale shipped to you!

Hopefully I will be back tomorrow or Friday to update you on my #failing diet... smh


Umm... I TOTALLY didn't notice that there were TWO people who posted under the name of "S"... so THIS is the comment that won the scale...

"My worst: I joined in at my job for a coporate YMCA challenge to see which group as a whole would lose the most weight over 8 weeks. I was training for my second marathon and on the final weigh in day I had run 48 miles during the week. I wore light clothing, I didn't eat or drink that morning, I was running like a maniac...and in front of all of my collegues, I was read my weight and informed that I hadn't lost a SINGLE pound- OR gained any muscle... or lost any inches. How could that be? I don't have a scale at home and would love one."

Sorry for any confusion!


  1. Hi Hollie,

    I used to struggle with diets, as well, but since I've been eating organic foods I have had no trouble sticking to it.

    Since you mention a failing diet, I thought you might be interested in reading one of my recent posts, Why Diets Fail.

  2. lol@S ... well congrats to the winner hopefully you can find her :)

  3. Congratulations S! I want to throw this out there...Do you think we as women are addicted to the scale? If so, why? It doesn't seem to is make a difference how my jeans fit if I know what the number on the scale;)

  4. Congrats S - winning is such a sweet surprise!

  5. I think men and women are addicted to the scale, but women more so than men. Sadly for women the scales are less use (because the menstrual cycle can add/reduce weight so easily through water retention) and often it can be misleading


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