Thursday, May 19, 2011

Manic May

Sorry no blog post for a week, but as usual, life is crazy.

The end of the school year is here... only 5 more days with students and two inservice days to go! Tomorrow is field day, so I am trying to get things together for that.

On the weight loss front...

I am still trying hard. My goal right now is to do the best I can to stay low-carb, and I am literally taking it meal by meal. There are so many parties, celebrations, and potlucks it is so hard to just say no to EVERYTHING. To top it off, I am going out of town this weekend, and then my birthday is next week (and I plan on celebrating BIG this year). But so far, my weight has remained steady. I have gained about 1/2 lb, so not bad. Overall, I am still eating much less carbs than normal for me. And I feel so much more conscious about my food choices.

Yesterday, we had a potluck at school, where I gave myself permission to eat what I wanted, including dessert. Out of habit, I put about 3 different desserts on my plate... and only ended up eating one! Everything tastes so sweet now, it was just *enough*. And I didn't feel the need to keep stuffing the rest in my mouth. Being able to make that choice feels good. It feels very "real life"... I would love to be at goal weight one day and still be able to enjoy dessert every now and then.

I also received a blog award the other day from Chrissy... Thanks! I never follow blog award rules... sorry... but I am so appreciative!


  1. Oh for a teacher May is such an extremely busy season! I prayed for you while I walked this morning and I will keep it up! You are changing lives, and I admire you for all the time and work you give for those students! Keep hanging on diet wise...hopefully summer will be a little less hectic!

  2. Great to see you back. Sometimes the best way is to take it one day...even one meal at a time. The important thing is to not give up even if you mess up. You can do it!!! Grace and Peace.


  3. I'm so thrilled to read this! I too focus on the overall improvement rather than on monitoring every single bite. There will be special occasions or nights that you just want a treat. It's cool man. :-) I've been doing low-carb for 6 weeks, and about 2 weeks in I was craving sugar, so I decided to treat myself and bought a bunch of mini cupcakes. I thought for sure I was going to eat half in one sitting. I had one and was sort of disgusted. It was waaay too sweet. I used to eat sweet daily and in large amounts, but now I have just tiny pieces or very low-sugar treats, and I don't feel guilty at all.

    When is your birthday? Mine is Tuesday and I'll be 40. My weight doesn't reflect it yet, but I feel better than ever. I have energy, I sleep better, I don't have heartburn anymore (used it have it throughout the day), and I get plenty to eat.

    Looking forward to your next post.

    LL xoxo

  4. I am so inspired by your blog!!! I am currently on a low gi diet which is basically low to no carbs as well. I unfortunelty have to be on it for health reasons. But just reading your blog so far made me feel like I wasn't alone. Keep up the fantastic work!!! <3

  5. Hey Hollie,

    Just wanted to let you know, you were one of the winners of my latest giveaway.
    Send me your address so I can get it out to you.


  6. What I do when I diet is that I know what foods I can eat and what foods I can't. When someone offers me something I know I can't eat, I automatically just say no without considering. This makes it really simple to resist bad foods. Its only when you consider it, that you have to fight the urge for it, well at least for me anyway :)

  7. Ditto to Lexxi's post - THANK-YOu!

  8. never give in to temptation you are doing so well keep it up you'l be this size you want to be in no time :) im also losing weight please checkout my weightloss blog: xx

  9. I find your blog very entertaining and I run into some of the same struggles you do when I am out and trying to stay on my diet. Hope school is out soon and look forward to next post

  10. Your blog is very pretty to look at and pleasant! I can't believe I didn't think of looking for other people out there who had the same goals as me! I think I will probably check the rest of your blog out I think it's really interesting!

  11. I see that you've got the MonaVie website on your blog! Are you using their RVL product? I totally am and LOVING it!! Started 2 months ago and I've lost 17 pounds so far!! :)

  12. Isabel has a different approach to diet instead of staving ourselves or exercising steady. I know at least I can't stick to those routines. She concentrates on eating more fat burning foods instead. There is a link to her diet on my blog here if your interested. Thank you for the inspiring blog by the way.


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