Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 6... Feeling good!

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Today is day 6 of my shot at going no/low carb. I haven't cheated even ONCE. I have had about 120 oz of water per day. The only carbs I am eating are in the veggies I eat.

And guess what? I feel good.

I am not hungry anymore, and the cravings are all but gone. My brain still tells me sometimes that I want something else besides what I am eating, but I am in control. I know I can do this for another week.

Best part? As of today I have lost 12.6 lbs. In 6 days.

I finally got my South Beach Diet book back from a friend that borrowed it, and after reading it again, I think this is the plan I am going to follow after my two weeks are up. I was kinda thinking about Atkins, but its so restrictive I don't think I will stick with it forever. And I'm in this forever.

The foods I am eating are on the SBD phase one list. The only things on the list that I am NOT eating are low-fat milk and yogurt and sugar-free popsicles and sugar-free jello. I am not really interested in having milk or yogurt, and I think that popsicles or jello would be a slippery slope for me right now. They are too much like the sugary, sweet treats I am trying to break myself of. Right now I am truly trying to change my behavior. I can feel it working, too.

I went to the store today and even though I looked longingly at the ice cream and the Cadbury eggs that have been discounted to .25 each, I didn't really "want" them. I mean, in the past, I would wait until the Cadbury eggs went on sale after Easter and stock up on them. I would buy 20 at a time. But now, I know that I don't need them. They're not worth it.

My scale is moving more than it has in the long time. I know the weight loss will slow down, but right now, it's a huge motivator.

My goal right now is to make it through this weekend. I have made it through a work-week, I have made it through church dinner... not I just need to prove to myself that I can make it through a weekend at home. I think I can do it :)


  1. Congrats! Thats amazing!
    I don't know if I could ever live without carbs, they are my biggest weakness!
    Great job on the big loss this week! :D

  2. Keep it up Hollie, you're doing Great !!

    Luv, Nik

  3. 12 lbs in 6 days *Joey voice* WHOA! great job hunn!

  4. Well done, stick with it. 12lbs is an amazing loss! You should feel very proud! x

  5. I really love SB, and am doing a version of it right now. By "version" I mean that I tend to select full- fat cheeses and any cuts of meat (not just lean), though I usually end up with leaner cuts anyway. I truly love it. It's a forever plan. I got a lot of help from the South Beach Diet forum, (not the official site) which helped with portions: up to 4 cups dairy, serving of nuts, 4 cups veggies, and a sweet treat. In the book, it is less spelled out, so my first go round I FLOUNDERED!!!!! But the guidelines/limits ended up making this a true lifestyle for me. Good luck; I think you've chosen a great path. :)

    And WOWZA congrats on the weight loss!!!!!!!!!

  6. Yaaay Hollie! I accidentally did a low carb diet this week and it worked well for me, so my plan is to stick with it. Now that I'm conscientiously doing it, I'm nervous.

  7. Congratz hollie you are well on your way to being skinny hollie. Will you follow my blog I'm also on this weight loss journey n maybe we can give each other advice and motivate each.

  8. Hi! I found your blog via google and was so happy because I am doing a very similar plan to you (except mine is dairy-free, sugar-free, AND carb-free) for 30 days as a slow detox before my personal nutritionist reintroduces some of those foods again slowly - I have had similar losses to you - have lost 3kgs and 21cms already (5cm off my bust/back, 5 cms off one thigh, 6cm off another, and 5cm off my waist) - it is so easy isn't it! Best of luck and PLEASE keep blogging cause I am checking daily! From Hazel, in New Zealand!

  9. BTW I love the look of your website!


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