Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 3... Still low-carb!

Today is the 3rd day of being carb-free (or low-carb). The only carbs I had today were in the form of lettuce, 3 slices of a small tomato and about 3 slivers of bell pepper. I also had 2 tbs of ranch dressing (2 carbs) on each salad that I had for lunch and dinner. I am hopeful that I didn't go over my allotted 20 carbs, but these choices are still better than they could have been.

Today, a co-worker made a subway run. I ordered a salad and used my own dressing. The salad was good, but for $6 a waste of money. And then for dinner...

It was church night. And we all know that I struggle with eating on church night, and I alway allow myself to indulge. But not tonight.

I looked at the menu ahead of time, and the main meat was pulled pork bbq. Since there is always a salad bar, I planned on adding pork to my salad and bringing my own salad dressing (in case theirs was too high in sugar). When I got to church, I saw the pork was DRENCHED in bbq sauce. I should have known.

SO, I improvised. I had spring mix lettuce with cheese, boiled eggs, abt 1 tbs of ham and a sprinkle of sunflower seeds (0-2 carbs). And that's it. No dessert. No tastes of anything else. I did the unthinkable... I was in control.

Today seemed "a little" easier, so hopefully I am getting over a hump. The cravings are still strong. I feel like something is "missing". I miss sugar, and still want it. But I also want to be healthy. I also want to NOT be fat anymore.

I was down another 3 lbs this morning, for a total of 8 lbs in two days. If I fluctuate up in the morning, I will know I had too many veggies today and I will not be upset. This is all part of the process. I've never done this type of thing before. For the first time in my life, I have given up carbs for three days, when I haven't lasted 3 hours in the past.

It will be interesting to see what tomorrow brings!

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  1. Yeah!! Congratulations!!! You are doing great, and already made it past the first 3 days!

  2. Congratulations on trying to kick the sugar addiction. I know how hard it can be. I'm still trying to get past my own. I limit my carb intake, but only in regards to desserts and refined carbohydrates. So, you're even limiting the veggies you eat? What do you eat throughout the day? Are you worried at all that you're not getting all of the nutrients that you need? I hope the best for you on this journey. Grace and Peace.

  3. Plan your work (eating and exercise in this case) and work your plan, just like you did at the church dinner. However, concentrate on ditching the "empty" carbs. Fresh fruits and vegetables, and whole grains, have carbs, but, because of the other nutrients, including fiber (which you really need for healthy weight loss), they can actually help you lose weight. They also provide energy.

    I believe in you, Hollie.

    Senior Health and Fitness.

  4. You have an award on my site at

  5. Wow, what a challenge to go no/low carb! I mean there are carbs in so much and in so many good foods too (fruits & veggies). I'm just amazed you've dropped that much weight in two days! Way to go! I really need to wean myself off of sugar at the moment I know that's what's leading to my problems and cravings.

    Best of luck and keep up the good work!

  6. Good job Hollie! Sounds like you did great when faced with some temptations!

  7. well done...keep on going and you will reach ur goal.

  8. Very well. To loss weight one need passion.


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