Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 2... Still in the game.

1st... I just posted a giveaway HERE. Check it out!

2nd... Thanks for all of the positive feedback in the comments. I NEED that right now.

Today was tough. The cravings were hard, and the temptation is just overwhelming. Today there was CAKE in the cafeteria, and I could SMELL it. I couldn't even look at it when I walked by. I feel like a crack addict trying to detox while living in a crack house...

By the time I got off work, I had a headache and didn't feel well at all. After a short nap and a few Ibuprofen, I was ok. I had a good dinner, and I feel ok before I go to bed. I have had about 120 oz of water and a glass of unsweet tea. The only carbs I've had were in the form of iceburg lettuce, a few chunks of tomato, and a few pieces of broccoli in my lunch salad. No cheats, no soda.

Last night I mentioned that I was hungry before bed, and someone commented that I was punishing myself. I might need to clarify that I wasn't actually "hungry". I only "felt" hungry. My mind tells me one thing right now, but my body tells me something different. This is TRULY a head-game right now.

Someone also mentioned that no-carb/low-carb is unhealthy. Yeah, I used to tell myself that, too. But in the research (and I've done a lot) I've done on sugar and low-carb diets, I have learned that for some people being carb-free is okay. Honestly, I won't be carb-free forever... I just have to go through this because I NEED to be SUGAR-FREE forever. Eventually, I will be able to eat fruit, veggies and whole grains in moderation. But for now, no.

I feel like I need to REALLY detox to get on track and to get over this addiction. I have to lose over 100 lbs... I have a lot of time to adjust and tweak this plan.

Oh, did I mention that I lost 5 lbs my first day on the plan? Sure, it was water weight, but it sure felt good to see the scale move already!


  1. I can relate completely. I really need to be sugar free too. You are doing great! Two days down! I am praying for you!

  2. Congratulations on Low-Carbing Holly! And kudos for doing your research first! You aren't going to regret it...promise. So many people think low-carbing is unhealthy, but it's just plain ignorance :/ I myself lost 40 pounds in 3 months on Atkins and it even helped me to finally get pregnant after years of trying. It is very hard at first, but if you keep at it, all your hard work will pay off. Even if the scale stops moving, you will still SEE results! Good Luck on your new journey!

  3. So what are you eating? Meat? Fat? A lettuce leaf? Where's the fiber?

  4. Hey- the punishment question was from me :) As long as it was mind hunger (not real hunger)carry on! The slippery slope came for me when I demonized all carbs...but I agree that the detox was TOTALLY necessary to start this way of eating. Are you following a particular plan? Just posting again to let you know that I support you.

    13 Pounds (a longtime Atkineer/South Beacher)

  5. You are doing so great! Don't let anyone push their beliefs about what we should and shouldn't do when it comes to weight loss. Everyone needs to walk their own journey to being a healthier verison of themselves.

    Keep you head up and keep doing such a great job! I am now on day 3 of my journey and the struggle is huge. We can do this though! We are certainly made for more then being addicted to sugar and food.

  6. I think ppl try to help but it also is according to their own opinion. If no carbs is working for you... stick with it.... Do what works for you! :) I have about 100 pounds to lose myself and I am losing inches but not weight so I am trying to get it together.... :)

  7. i like that you are able to push yourself past those tempting moments that just shows how much willpower you have and that is something that any person trying to lose weight needs. I think you are doing great and keep working on the eating part if no carbs works for you than go with it. I myself still can't figure out what works best for me but im trying.

  8. Hi, I love your blog and its been quite inspirational. I've actually started my own to see where it all ends up... http://mommyweightlossmissions.blogspot.com/

    Talk soon xx


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