Monday, April 11, 2011

Cold Turkey

On Friday, I got a treat. I received an email from my friend, Yvette, who lives out in California. I met Yvette about 2 years ago through this blog. Long story short, her encouragement and advice helped me lose over 40 lbs. by eating clean and cutting sugar and caffeine from my diet. Somewhere along the lines, I slipped an fell off the wagon, and have since gained all that weight back. Yvette and I haven't talked in about a year... life got crazy for both of us. But just talking to her the other day gave me such a lift! It took me back and reminded me of how that process felt exactly 2 years ago.

One thing that she said stuck in my mind all weekend. She told me that I was going to have to truly detox from sugar again. She acknowledged how hard it was, but reminded me that for ME, it's necessary.

I thought a lot this weekend about sugar and my addiction to it. I know I'm out of control again, and that's why sticking to ANY eating plan is so hard for me right now.

So yesterday, I decided to try to detox. Again. And today, I have been sugar free.

Now, sugar-free isn't necessarily carb free, for me at least. Sugar free is no added sugar, and decreased use of artificial sweetener. Fruit is allowed. Basically, I try to check the label and make sure that what I eat has 5g or less of sugar. I am also trying to eat every 3 - 4 hours so that I can keep my blood sugar in check and hopefully not be so hungry.

Today I had cravings, but no real hunger. It's a mind thing. I want it, but today, I was able to reason with myself that I couldn't fail on my first day. I made good choices with my food, too.

Tomorrow I will also try my hardest. I'll let you know how it goes. I know this isn't going to be easy.


  1. I stopped eating added sugar about 3 months ago. I tried eating some sweet foods and they now taste too sweet for me to enjoy. I know that personally the first 6 weeks where hell but if you resist it does get easier. Hope you have a wonderful night!

  2. Hey Hollie, today I went off sugar too!! We need to encourage each other because I AM ADDICTED!! Cannot go off caffine at the same time though - not sure if I ever could. Anyway, sugar is enough of a challenge!! I'm calling it a semi-fast, praying every time I want the sweet stuff! You can do it!

  3. Good for you. Smart move, lady.

    Coincidence, but my blog comment this morning was on the relationship between high blood sugar and age related memory loss. Of course, I blog for an older audience.

    I agree with Rachelle. I too cut out most sugar, and things sweetened with sugar are much too sweet.

    Keep on keepin' on! I'm rooting for you.

    Senior Health and Fitness

  4. Sugar is the thing that makes me slip back into old ways. I am trying to be really aware of that at the moment to help me stay focused. I feel slightly obsessed by it but know that, especially early on in what I am trying to achieve, if I don't keep it at the front of my mind I will let it slide really easily.

  5. That's really cool. I stopped eating pork and beef cold turkey 10 years ago (but I still eat cold turkey - poor joke.) It's been difficult, however, to cut my sugar cravings. I love sweets and desserts.

  6. Good for you. I also abstain from the white stuff, and feel so much better for it.

  7. Me too - I sugar-toxed when i was on holiday and I'm currently going through the detox again. It's hard but worth it. Good luck!

  8. I'm personally not a sugar person 9if i were to omitt artifical sweetners-which i take on the rare occassion that I feel like tea or coffee). Somehow i did manage to cut out fruit juices from my diet after I realised the empty calories it was carrying.

  9. I have such a big sweet tooth so in the beginning it was very hard to stop my sugar addiction. Good luck to you and it IS addictive studies have shown.

    I think it's something you have to go cold turkey before you start adding it back in moderation.

  10. Glad to hear you're giving it another try. I personally use a website called My Fitness Pal to help me control my calories, sugars, carbs and all the other stuff. It's not easy, but it does work.

  11. I was wondering for this information. Thank you for this post. I hope we will see your next post very soon.

  12. Good luck with it! The second day is always the hardest, since on first day you have the determination to do it, but on the second it might be already diminished. But if you stay strong you can do it and it will get easier :)

  13. Hi, so glad I found your site. I am also on the same journey! good luck!


  14. Yep, sugar is the one thing that gets me totally off track. I need to stop!!!!!

    Good luck to you!

  15. YAY for you!!!!

    I always would mess up because of my sugar cravings as well. When I started using Slimmies, it really helped b/c they are chocolate chews. Here is where you can get info if you are interested:

  16. Just had a quick look through your latest blogs, and wanted to say wow! As a fellow weight-loss blogger I found your posts really interesting, honest and inspirational. So thank you! :)

  17. Hi Hollie,
    I just wanted to tell you how inspiring you are to me. I'm a new blogger, I'm also on a weight loss journey.I have to admit I've been quietly following you for some time. After reading your and many other weight loss blogs, I've decided to write my own. All of you have inspired me to want to better myself.
    Kudos for all the good things you are doing with your life.
    Sending the best of wishes your way,

  18. I absolutely know where you're coming from. I have a real hate-love-hate relationship with this evil substance.

    When I am "clean", I feel great and I have no cravings. But if I slip up, those cravings are back like BAM and it can take days to call a halt to the bingeing.

    I really do believe that for some of us, sugar is as addictive and crack and can be just as harmful. Although I haven't heard yet of any "doughnut hookers" so maybe not :D

  19. Dear Hollie,

    I think it is good to know if your body is acid (alcaline) or not so you can lose weight faster. Do you know this?


  20. Good for you Hollie. I went back and read some of your old posts (I was off the blogoshpere for a while, and no, not beacuse I was off plan, ha)and have to say I love the hair cuts! Both were great, glad you have found one you like. I am looking forward to hearing about your sugar detox!

  21. I love your website. It's fantastic. I'm a freelancer writer doing a story for Weight Watchers magazine about social media and dieting. Could I request an interview with you? I promise to keep it short.

    I think you could add so much to this story. Thanks in advance for your consideration.

    kristen at kristenkemp dot com

  22. I lost so much weight a few years ago by going sugar and flour free. It is difficult, but worth it. You can do this. Yay for having such a great friend.

  23. I find I do best when I cut out refined sugar and refined flours. The longer I go without, the less I want them. And there is a real reason for this for us both! Science backs up the addictive properties of these foods. But I guess some of us are more sensitive to it than others.

  24. I think most people are totally addicted to sugar. It doesn't help at all that most of the foods that surround us or that we buy in the supermarket are laced with sugar as well. But it is great that you are giving it a go to give it up.

    I have always been a sugar addict too. It's almost like being an alcoholic-once you give up you can never go back, otherwise your body just wants to keep eating it.

    I discovered a great nutritional lifestyle plan that now keeps me slim, trim and is great to eat (no sugar), and it led me to become a weight loss coach and healthy food writer.

    Paleo Weight Loss Coach

  25. I had a fearful momment today when my sister asked me to step on the scale and i seen that i gained almost 35 pounds since last summer. I've decided after seeing your blog that im gonna try this sugar/caffine fasting thing with ya. I dont drink coffee often so that part should be easy but i have a sweet tooth for those chewy candies like skittles. Im gonna keep up with ur blog, i think it might help out to know someone else is going through this to.

    Good luck!

  26. That's good. Keep it up with your plan! It's good to have friends to encourage each other on the way of challenges. I agree with you that very much of it is a mind thing. You are not really hungry. Try eating more vegetables. You will feel more full throughout the day.

  27. Hi, I'm trying this new diet and program, and it drove me nuts for a first two days, there nothing but natural sweeteners, it's been five days now and I already adjusted. It just takes a lot of will power, i guess. I am following a diet and a fitness program and sharing it through the blog too. It seems to help a lot. Thanks for the interesting post.

  28. Dear Hollie,
    this is an awesome journey and accomplishment you have achieved and are striving to make others healthier.
    I love your website!!!!
    I am actually a weight loss physician , and you have great information and content on your blog.
    I recently started a website about free weight loss tips based on conferences and articles I read in medical journals. I am getting certified to take an exam on obesity and nutrition so I could be more knoledgable to help my patients. I will be coming back to your site on a routine basis to read your stories.
    Congrats again!

    Dr. Taeb

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