Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 6... Feeling good!

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Today is day 6 of my shot at going no/low carb. I haven't cheated even ONCE. I have had about 120 oz of water per day. The only carbs I am eating are in the veggies I eat.

And guess what? I feel good.

I am not hungry anymore, and the cravings are all but gone. My brain still tells me sometimes that I want something else besides what I am eating, but I am in control. I know I can do this for another week.

Best part? As of today I have lost 12.6 lbs. In 6 days.

I finally got my South Beach Diet book back from a friend that borrowed it, and after reading it again, I think this is the plan I am going to follow after my two weeks are up. I was kinda thinking about Atkins, but its so restrictive I don't think I will stick with it forever. And I'm in this forever.

The foods I am eating are on the SBD phase one list. The only things on the list that I am NOT eating are low-fat milk and yogurt and sugar-free popsicles and sugar-free jello. I am not really interested in having milk or yogurt, and I think that popsicles or jello would be a slippery slope for me right now. They are too much like the sugary, sweet treats I am trying to break myself of. Right now I am truly trying to change my behavior. I can feel it working, too.

I went to the store today and even though I looked longingly at the ice cream and the Cadbury eggs that have been discounted to .25 each, I didn't really "want" them. I mean, in the past, I would wait until the Cadbury eggs went on sale after Easter and stock up on them. I would buy 20 at a time. But now, I know that I don't need them. They're not worth it.

My scale is moving more than it has in the long time. I know the weight loss will slow down, but right now, it's a huge motivator.

My goal right now is to make it through this weekend. I have made it through a work-week, I have made it through church dinner... not I just need to prove to myself that I can make it through a weekend at home. I think I can do it :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 3... Still low-carb!

Today is the 3rd day of being carb-free (or low-carb). The only carbs I had today were in the form of lettuce, 3 slices of a small tomato and about 3 slivers of bell pepper. I also had 2 tbs of ranch dressing (2 carbs) on each salad that I had for lunch and dinner. I am hopeful that I didn't go over my allotted 20 carbs, but these choices are still better than they could have been.

Today, a co-worker made a subway run. I ordered a salad and used my own dressing. The salad was good, but for $6 a waste of money. And then for dinner...

It was church night. And we all know that I struggle with eating on church night, and I alway allow myself to indulge. But not tonight.

I looked at the menu ahead of time, and the main meat was pulled pork bbq. Since there is always a salad bar, I planned on adding pork to my salad and bringing my own salad dressing (in case theirs was too high in sugar). When I got to church, I saw the pork was DRENCHED in bbq sauce. I should have known.

SO, I improvised. I had spring mix lettuce with cheese, boiled eggs, abt 1 tbs of ham and a sprinkle of sunflower seeds (0-2 carbs). And that's it. No dessert. No tastes of anything else. I did the unthinkable... I was in control.

Today seemed "a little" easier, so hopefully I am getting over a hump. The cravings are still strong. I feel like something is "missing". I miss sugar, and still want it. But I also want to be healthy. I also want to NOT be fat anymore.

I was down another 3 lbs this morning, for a total of 8 lbs in two days. If I fluctuate up in the morning, I will know I had too many veggies today and I will not be upset. This is all part of the process. I've never done this type of thing before. For the first time in my life, I have given up carbs for three days, when I haven't lasted 3 hours in the past.

It will be interesting to see what tomorrow brings!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 2... Still in the game.

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2nd... Thanks for all of the positive feedback in the comments. I NEED that right now.

Today was tough. The cravings were hard, and the temptation is just overwhelming. Today there was CAKE in the cafeteria, and I could SMELL it. I couldn't even look at it when I walked by. I feel like a crack addict trying to detox while living in a crack house...

By the time I got off work, I had a headache and didn't feel well at all. After a short nap and a few Ibuprofen, I was ok. I had a good dinner, and I feel ok before I go to bed. I have had about 120 oz of water and a glass of unsweet tea. The only carbs I've had were in the form of iceburg lettuce, a few chunks of tomato, and a few pieces of broccoli in my lunch salad. No cheats, no soda.

Last night I mentioned that I was hungry before bed, and someone commented that I was punishing myself. I might need to clarify that I wasn't actually "hungry". I only "felt" hungry. My mind tells me one thing right now, but my body tells me something different. This is TRULY a head-game right now.

Someone also mentioned that no-carb/low-carb is unhealthy. Yeah, I used to tell myself that, too. But in the research (and I've done a lot) I've done on sugar and low-carb diets, I have learned that for some people being carb-free is okay. Honestly, I won't be carb-free forever... I just have to go through this because I NEED to be SUGAR-FREE forever. Eventually, I will be able to eat fruit, veggies and whole grains in moderation. But for now, no.

I feel like I need to REALLY detox to get on track and to get over this addiction. I have to lose over 100 lbs... I have a lot of time to adjust and tweak this plan.

Oh, did I mention that I lost 5 lbs my first day on the plan? Sure, it was water weight, but it sure felt good to see the scale move already!

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Carb-free... Day 1

I did it. I survived. My first day EVER with no carbs. I existed on eggs, cheese and tuna. I meant to have a salad, but forgot to order one for lunch at school. I didn't eat a lot, but I ate often to ward off hunger. I drank 100+ oz of water (for the first time in weeks). No caffeine, either. Right now, I have to admit I am kinda hungry. But I am just going to go to bed. I am afraid of what will happen if I venture into the kitchen.

I made a grocery run today and bought lettuce, tuna, cheese, and ranch dressing. I also bought some of those flavor sticks you add to water because it makes it easier for me to drink water when I have them at school. I have plenty of boiled eggs, so I feel like I have set myself up for a successful day tomorrow, too.

Did I mention that I have NEVER made a full day being no carb? Did I mention my teaching assistant brought in FIVE bags of Easter candy that she got on clearance today? Talk about temptation...

I did a lot of research this weekend, and the "plan" I am following is basically the Phase 1 plan of Atkins. I can't go over 20 grams of carbs daily for two weeks. After two weeks, I will re-evaluate. But I definitely know that I need to be done with sugar forever. Hopefully, one day I will be able to handle whole grains and fruit. But for now, I must detox.

Mentally, this is one of the hardest things I've done in quite a while. And I am not fooling myself. Tomorrow will most likely be worse.

Friday, April 22, 2011

No bueno...

Well, my cold-turkey attempt at going low-sugar was an epic fail. I went pretty strong for a few days, then bam! I fell so hard off the wagon that I felt like I busted my head.

About three days ago I made a decision. I am going to have to eliminate sugar from my diet. Permanently.

I am an addict. I have to treat this like any other addiction. I have to give it up...for life...if I am ever going to be healthy;

Most of you know that I have first-hand knowledge of drug addiction. My ex-husband was an addict... I have three siblings who are addicts. I have been around addicts my entire life. And one thing I know is that when they decide to quit, they have to completely let their body detox from that drug. They can't limit their intake, or do another type of drug to help them get over their drug of choice. They have to eliminate it. And so do I.

See, I try my best to limit processed sugar and candy and foods with added sugar. But only one time have I ever  went low carb/no sugar. Why did I ever go back????? I guess I thought I was "cured" because I didn't crave sugar anymore. So little by little, I let that poison creep back into my choices. Before I even realized it, I was hooked again and the weight started coming back on.

Hopefully I will know better this time.

So for the past several days I have been coming up with a solid plan of action. I will start the day after Easter, because there is no point setting myself up for failure. I am ridding my house of junk as we speak. By Sunday night I will be ready for Monday. I am getting prepared so I will be ready to tackle this endeavor. Mentally and physically.

And to be honest... I am so scared. This is going to be tough. But it is also going to be worth it. I know it is necessary. I am sick and tired of spinning my wheels. I need to see progress, but to do so I have to kick this addiction. It's time for rehab.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Cold Turkey

On Friday, I got a treat. I received an email from my friend, Yvette, who lives out in California. I met Yvette about 2 years ago through this blog. Long story short, her encouragement and advice helped me lose over 40 lbs. by eating clean and cutting sugar and caffeine from my diet. Somewhere along the lines, I slipped an fell off the wagon, and have since gained all that weight back. Yvette and I haven't talked in about a year... life got crazy for both of us. But just talking to her the other day gave me such a lift! It took me back and reminded me of how that process felt exactly 2 years ago.

One thing that she said stuck in my mind all weekend. She told me that I was going to have to truly detox from sugar again. She acknowledged how hard it was, but reminded me that for ME, it's necessary.

I thought a lot this weekend about sugar and my addiction to it. I know I'm out of control again, and that's why sticking to ANY eating plan is so hard for me right now.

So yesterday, I decided to try to detox. Again. And today, I have been sugar free.

Now, sugar-free isn't necessarily carb free, for me at least. Sugar free is no added sugar, and decreased use of artificial sweetener. Fruit is allowed. Basically, I try to check the label and make sure that what I eat has 5g or less of sugar. I am also trying to eat every 3 - 4 hours so that I can keep my blood sugar in check and hopefully not be so hungry.

Today I had cravings, but no real hunger. It's a mind thing. I want it, but today, I was able to reason with myself that I couldn't fail on my first day. I made good choices with my food, too.

Tomorrow I will also try my hardest. I'll let you know how it goes. I know this isn't going to be easy.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

MIA and Body Confidence

I always say that when a blogger goes MIA it's because they may be off the wagon... and in my case, I'm right. I have been struggling. But hopefully, I've got hold of things before they get too bad. Just LIFE and being busy. One day, I will find a way to stay healthy and focus on me through life's obstacles. But I haven't done that just yet.

First things first... I have a book review.

My friend, Trish, sent me this book... and although I was supposed to post a review the other day I was unable to. My internet has been HORRIBLE lately. A few times I have tried to post at night and lost my connection half way through.

If you go to the Venice Nutrition website, you can find this about the book... which basically sums it up.
Venice Nutrition's Book, Body Confidence, is a revolutionary approach based on three key nutrition factors that stabilize your blood sugar and keep your body in balance:
  1. Eating at consistent meal intervals
  2. Absolute certainty in essential nutrient ratio of protein, fat, and carbohydrates
  3. Identifying and consuming the right amount of calories per meal

If you've read my blog at all, you know that in my last post I just made a goal to eat meals at intervals. The protien/fat/carb ratio is also a good idea that I've had success with before. Overall... I think it's a good book. Check it out. Did I mention that Chelsea Handler wrote the forward? Love her...

The swelling in my right leg and ankle is back and I've been trying to find a solution. I thought that drinking more water would help, but not so much. I have not been at the gym like I need to, but I got out for a good 45 minute walk today since the weather was gorgeous. It felt good to get moving again.

Well, I will hopefully play catch up on blog-reading over the weekend. I think things should slow down for me soon... both this week and last week have been crazy! I don't know if it's because we are coming off Spring break or not, but somethings gotta give! The good thing is that mentally, I feel so much better, and more prepared to deal with the stress that is my life. Things will get back on track... soon.