Monday, March 21, 2011


I LOVE my spring break so far. I am starting to really feel relaxed, and am thankful that I have another six days of laziness until I go back to work.

I have been productive... my house is clean(er). I have run some errands and done things like that. I have been going to the gym almost daily. I go to bed late, sleep late, and hang out with my kiddos. The life, right?

My depression is much better. I am now on meds again (which I am happy about). The weather here in TN has been GREAT... 70's and pretty sunny every day.

Instead of dwelling on the bad stuff in my life, I am beginning to break through to the point where I am counting my blessings and looking forward to the future.

I am struggling with eating lately, so this week, along with my daughter, I am trying to really watch my sugar intake. I finally have been exercising for a while, but I need to have both diet and exercise under control asap. I always have to be aware... I always have to pay attention to EVERYTHING I put in my mouth.

But overall, I am happy with the positive changes. Especially the exercise. I feel good about the direction I am heading in. Finally.


  1. I am so glad you are feeling better and relaxing. We had Spring Break last week so I'm back to work today. I hope you have a great week.

  2. Keep it up Hoillie. It's amazing what a nice relaxing week can do for you. If you're craving sugar get some strawberries into you or make a berry smoothie. Tastes great and really satisfies the sugar craving!

  3. Hollie- Enjoy your break and rejuvenate yourself. I'm glad you are taking care of yourself. FYI-my blog has moved to

  4. I am happy that you are happy.


  5. Hello Hollie
    I really loved your blog. I am having trouble losing weight at present and a little depressed about it. Its been 2 months now that i am heading to the gym almost 5 -6days a week and doing the 45 - 50 min on elliptical but I do not see the result.I am not sure what I should do?

  6. Hey skinnieholly I've been following your blog forever, and I'm glad you're dealing with your depression. I've also suffered from mild depression. If you need help controlling your sweet tooth, try African Mango Plus. I've been on it for two weeks now, and I'm blown away at the effects. You can find it at, good luck and keep your head up.


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