Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New year... new me!

12 inches... gone! And I feel so good. I needed a change.

And btw... I went to the gym yesterday. We were out for snow today, and I've been fighting a migraine all day. I plan on going back tomorrow.

Great thing, is my kids are who pushed me to go yesterday. They had so much fun playing basketball. Sounds like we can FINALLY get back into a gym routine. It's not all about me, now.


  1. Oh my goodness...I would never have the courage to cut my hair like that!

  2. omg .. I love the new hair!! YOU ROCK!!!
    I am a new follower hope you can stop by mine sometime.

  3. Thanks for sharing Hollie! I've been going to the gym and doing many new routines since I read Full: A Life Without Dieting by Michael Snyder, M.D.. It's an amazing book that teaches you how to take advantage of the five intentional steps of digestion to gain effortless control of your dietary behavior. It's a fresh approach to dieting, eating and being healthy.

  4. love the hair change!
    It's always such a shock how much they cut off....
    It looks lovely though.


  5. Nice I love the cut!
    Did you donate it to locks fpor love? My daughter is going to do that close to May, her hair is currently almost to the bottom of her back.

  6. I love it, Holly. You look like the weight of world was lifted from you.

  7. Your hair looks great - what an awesome look to start off the new year!

  8. Reading your blog has inspired me to creat my own.....funny thing is, my post this morning was about the daughter talked me into going to the gym! Whatever works!!! :) Check out my blog
    I just started in progress

  9. Getting back to my gym routine this year has been hit or miss. But I'm hoping to have it down back in Feb.

  10. LOVE the hair! It's always so nice gettin' a new do. I did the same exact thing many years ago, I kept the pony for quite some time...til I thought it might be gross and threw it away.
    Good for you, making the new year YOURS! Great job for getting to the gym as well. Me, I did not go today. Drats!
    Have a great time tomorrow as well. Work hard!!



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