Sunday, October 31, 2010

Now this is new...

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope that everyone was able to keep their hands out of the candy bucket this year! What I thought would be a struggle was actually not so bad today!

I decided to go ahead and start my Isagenix 30-day cleanse on Thursday. I knew I had a rough weekend coming up, with a lot of plans and eating out, but I went ahead and did it. I figured that even if I couldn't follow the plan 100% that I could at least try. I am so glad I did.

I was not 100% on plan this weekend, and I'm ok with that. Like I said, I knew that it would be a busy weekend and a lot of temptation was ahead of me. But I feel like being on this plan helped me stay focused. And let me tell you... I feel SO much better already.

I have had about 10 hours of sleep all weekend and I have still had so much energy. I will do a full review of the Isagenix products later when I can do them justice, but I believe that these products had a lot to do with my energy being up. Last weekend I had NO energy and I slept all weekend. This weekend was much different.

I am not hungry at all, and my sugar cravings have went WAY down. Tonight when my kids were trick-or-treating, after my second bite-sized piece of candy I just felt... "done". I turned down candy! If you have read my blog for a while you know that I NEVER turn down candy. But it just tasted too sweet and almost made me feel sick. I have also been CRAVING water, so I know my body likes being hydrated again.

I also feel like I am better able to stop eating when I am feeling full... period. Last night I went out to eat at The Cheesecake Factory (one of my planned outings for the weekend). The appetizer we were sharing was AWESOME, but instead of cramming those nachos until they were gone, I was just able to **stop**. I was actually so full from those nachos I was not hungry for an entree. So I decided to split something with the person I was with. After the food came to the table, I didn't even eat it. I took it home in a to-go box, and it's still sitting in my refrigerator!

I am going to weigh in the morning again to just see if there is any progress yet. But as good as I feel right now, and since my week is plan-free, I am going to commit to staying 100% on plan this week. I still haven't done a full detox day, so I am interested to see how that goes. You are supposed to have a few meal replacement days ahead of you before you do a full detox, so I want to make sure my body is ready.

I am so excited to feel this good after such a hectic weekend. Here's praying that next week will keep me feeling this way!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Starting on Monday?

I received my Isagenix 30-day cleanse today, and I am very excited to start. But I'm wondering if I should start right away, or start on Monday. Monday is November 1, which seems like a great day to start something - especially something that is lasting 30 days. But there is a part of me that says "Why wait?".

By waiting, am I giving myself permission to have "one last" weekend of eating? Is that really what I want to do? Do I even care about Halloween candy?

I just don't want to set myself up for failure on this product. I want so badly to do well, and for this detox to help me to get my body back into working order. I know the first few days of anything like this can be challenging, so why start on a weekend where I know I will have challenges? Not just Halloween, but a party on Friday night and a Fall Festival on Saturday.

But I also have that part of me that says, "Just do it. The time is now."

I'm gonna sleep on it.

Tomorrow is my ultrasound that will hopefully tell me and my doctor how long I will be able to hold off on surgery. I pray that I can wait until summer, but if it's bad I will do what I have to do. I have four kids to think of, and to stick around for. I have to take care of me.

I went to they gym on Monday, but had parent-teacher conferences with my students last night until late. Tonight, I was simply in too much pain to go, and then we had church. My goal is to go tomorrow after my ultrasound. I have taken the whole day off from work. I'll also be early voting... PLEASE get out there and vote!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Energy... please come back!

The weekends are never long enough for me. It is Sunday night, and I am just as tired as I was on Friday night. It seems as if I never really feel rested anymore.

I feel like I slept away my Saturday. I got up at about 8 a.m., then fell back to sleep at around 10 a.m. and slept until almost 3 p.m.! The day was gone, and I really got nothing accomplished. Today I made myself stay up, but found myself with no energy to do anything. I am always SO TIRED.

I was hoping with the improvement in food and the addition of exercise this week that I would feel somewhat better. I have ate more fruits and veggies and drank more water this week than I have in MONTHS. I can tell a difference in the way my body feels, I guess... Just not any energy yet.

I have decided to do a cleanse/detox using Isagenix products. I have read and watched videos and researched and I think this will help me get my body back into working order.

I have read enough and learned so much about the human body on this journey so far... and I know one thing. I have abused my body for a long time. I have yo-yo dieted for the majority of my life. I have NOT taken care of myself. I think this is why even when I do diet and exercise, my body still holds onto the fat for dear life.

I chose a 30-day detox because I think it will take at least that long to get me back into semi-working order. Honestly, I hope it helps me lose weight, but I really want this product to get me on a healthy playing field. I am tired of dieting. Diets suck.

I desperately want to FEEL GOOD again, no matter what size I am. I need to start taking good care of myself so I can be the best mother and teacher I can be. I am worth the time, effort, and money that it will take.

So get ready! Like everything else I do on this journey, this is the center stage! I am excited about this because my gut tells me that it is time. It is time... :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just do it...

Basically, that's how the last few days have been... I've just been doing it.

Eating right.
Taking time for ME.

Today was day two back in the gym! And let me tell ya... it is SO DAMNED HARD to get back to exercising. Yesterday I did 30 min on the elliptical, then another 10 min on the stationary bike while the kiddos finished their orientation. Today, I was good to only do 30 minutes. My body is very mad at me right now. Beside the uterine pain, my knees are killing me!

I have done pretty darned well with my eating, too. I am making good choices and my portions are where they need to be. I am trying so hard to get my water in, but it's so hard to do at work. I just can't sit around with a bottle of water like I used to.

I received a package this morning from Dr. Aaron Tabor with his Slim & Beautiful Diet bars and shakes. I have waited forever for this to come in, so the package was unexpected. Honestly, I had given up on it and started looking into something else (more about that later). I had a shake for breakfast (the products ARE very yummy) and took a bar for lunch. My daughter also took a bar because she loves them, too. I think I might actually let her try this plan since she is really trying to get back into healthy eating. Even thought they sent me the product for free, I don't want it to go to waste when I start cleansing.

Yep, you heard me right... I am going to start a cleanse. I have written in the past how I love me a good detox! I have read several books by Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman and believe in the science behind it. After researching detox/cleanse products, I have found one that I am pretty excited about. The last time I really successfully lost weight (Spring/Summer 2009) is when I started my program with a detox and faithfully took my supplements. My brain just tells me that I need it to really get off to a good start.

With that being said, does anyone know about Isagenix? They have a 9-day and a 30-day program that I am trying to decide between.

But until I start my detox, I am going to keep on doing what needs to be done. I am going to get back into an exercise routine, keep feeding my body healthy food, keep increasing my water, and start making myself a priority again. I am going to be content with slow, steady changes in my lifestyle. My life isn't going to slow down anytime soon, so I need to do something that is manageable for me RIGHT NOW. I am going to have to get over my ALL or NOTHING mindset if I am ever going to succeed.

FCC disclaimer: Dr. Tabor's diet products were sent to me free of charge to use in exchange for my honest opinion and review of the products...blah, blah, blah...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Need vs. Want

I hate that my updates have dropped to once per month... I always vowed not to be that blogger. I apologize.

A lot has happened in past month - as usual.

I now have custody of my nephew. And it's not temporary. Long story short, he is staying - for now. And I know everything will be okay. I love him, and want him to be happy. Everything is working out with him here. It just seems natural.

My mom's condition is about the same... maybe even a little better. Her neurologist added a med and it seems to be really helping her memory. There is still a lot of drama with two of my sisters, but oh well.

I am now a minivan driving momma. Four kids and a small, old car just wasn't working out. Getting that van may be an extra bill, but it has already decreased my stress level on school mornings! lol...

Big news... I have to have a hysterectomy. I have been dealing with abdominal pain for years. It keeps getting worse and worse, so I finally went to see a doctor. I know I have a ovarian cyst, but this doc fears endometriosis. I read up on it, and have ALL the symptoms. I have an ultrasound in a week that should confirm. With the pain getting drastically worse, the doctor thinks a hysterectomy is my best bet. Since taking 4 - 6 weeks off during the school year is not an option, I guess we will try to manage the pain until summer and do the surgery then.

My doctor also had the "weight" talk with me. She says that losing weight before this surgery is a MUST, and I agree. Weight loss is now a NEED. It can be the difference between a successful surgery and recovery or a lot of issues that I don't need or want. I now have FOUR kiddos that depend on me for EVERYTHING. I have to buckle down and start taking care of myself. Again.

For the past week or so I think I have been wrapping my mind around "trying" again. I haven't been trying... just basically eating what I want with no rules. No exercise (well, a little). We went on vacation last week to Myrtle Beach, SC and it was glorious. During the 9 - 10 hour drive there and back, I thought a LOT about the changes I have to make. I KNOW it is going to be a lot of hard work. But I also know I have to do it.

It's time to get selfish again. I need to make time for me. Get back into the gym. Pack my lunches. Control my portions. Drink my water.

Today was our first day back to school from Fall Break and I am so exhausted. But I made a goal for this week to get my water intake back to 100 oz. per day. Baby steps, right? I have done will with food today, too... but not perfect. A cabinet rehaul is in order, but I have to get through the groceries I have first. But as fast as these kids clear out a pantry, I'm thinking I should be able to make a Trader Joe's run by Saturday.

Also, we are definitely going back to the gym this week. My nephew has been begging to go, and now my daughter is on board. They are both 13 and apparently working out is popular with the kids at school. He wants to bulk up, and my daughter wants to get in shape to try out for cheerleading next year. I think their goals are awesome, especially since they both want to eat healthy, too. I think having two little partners in my house is going to help me tremendously this time around.

Until next time!