Monday, September 20, 2010

Mary said, lol...

Mary said I need to update, so here I am updating!

I have GOT to do better with checking in, but life is so overwhelming.

Let's see... since the last time I've checked in...

1. I've had an article appear in Women's Day Magazine. (Woot!)
2. I've been awarded temporary custody of my nephew - giving me a total of FOUR children to care for.
3. My mother's condition has got MUCH worse.
4. I went to court on my case with my ex-husband (for breaking into my house last year) and he is still behind bars (best place for him).
5. I have been struggling big time with my weight-loss (or lack thereof...:( ).
6. I am BROKE. Like $2 to my name broke. With four kids. And no paycheck until Oct. 1. Yeah...

My biggest struggle is being mindful of my choices during all the stress. I just eat whatever is around - and the weight is piling on. I am now uncomfortable in most of my clothes. I need an intervention ASAP.

I am trying a new diet plan I was offered. It's Dr. Tabor's Slim and Beautiful Diet. Basically, they sent me samples, and I liked them. I'm really a sucker for bars and shakes, and these are really good. The bars are actually HUGE and very chewy (which I like). So, Dr. Tabor has offered me the plan for two months. I am really going to give it 100%. I have to do something. Now.

I also need to get back to the gym... but MAKING the time is hard. I really need to follow MY OWN advice from the Women's Day article. I have to get back to scheduling the time in like a JOB. It can't be an option.

I feel so discouraged right now. I keep going BACKWARDS on this journey, and it's my OWN fault. When am I gonna "get it"?

fcc disclaimer... Dr. Tabor's diet plan was sent to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review... blah, blah, blah...